By amidreaming?? - 11/06/2012 21:45 - United Kingdom - Bushey

Today, I asked my girlfriend why she never lets me in her house. She stared blankly and said, "What is inside is not for thine eyes." I told her best friend about this creepiness later on. She sighed and said, "T'was not for mine eyes either. I didst fail to listen." I feel like I'm losing my mind here. FML
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That's utterly bizarre. Maybe they're playing a prank on you, you can seriously ask them to tell you the truth .... Or break into your girlfriend's house. Take your pick :p


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OP when you don't understand something someone says, just grin and nod and hope it wasn't a question

Sounds like the best friend didn't like what she saw. Maybe he should listen.

aw shit accidentally thumbed you down sorry :(

What the heck is wrong with her?!

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Oh c'mon op she sounds mysterious and dangerous, dontcha like bad girls...if you're willing, then go and she'll ask you if you want to play a game..

She's probably keeping her old boyfriend in there.

If you wanted to speak proper middle english you would have said " thou needst to findeth another girlfriend" just saying

wlddog 14

Sounds like a mystery to me. Time to call Scooby Doo and the gang.

Can't be that bad, they're probably joking around. Probably just corpses.

You rock. Bitches always be crazy.. Even do I am 1...

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You need to run

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Use Shakespeare with them too. What light yonder from window break-in.

After all those thumbs down I bets thou shalt thinketh twice before going all grammar nazi on a someone jokingly writing in "middle English"...eth

I don't get why people bury me when i try to be helpful and point out improper use of middle english. Which btw ^ is the proper term for what OP's girlfriend is using

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it's Thors sister

:/ She has some weird voodoo shit going on in there. For sure!

I don't know about everyone else but I did it because you were wrong. The correct way would actually be "Thou needst findeth another girlfriend"

I think they're probably just pranking him

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1 Or marry her. The gf sounds awesome

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She's just having some fun with him. I'm thinking she probably put her friend up to it.

Findeth is not a proper old English word. OLD ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER. DOST THOU SPEAK IT? Apparently not.

Please break into her house, and tell all of us what dirty secrets has in there!!!!

Old English: Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum etc. (no, not's insane) Middle English: Whan that Aprille with hise shoures soote, The droghte of March hath perced to the roote etc. Modern English: Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate etc. This is MODERN English, not middle English! Albeit an early form of modern English.

The reason why you got thumbed down so many times is because you are wrong. First of all, that is not middle English, as a previous comment pointed out. Second, The proper way to say it as Shakespeare would is "Thou need to find another girlfriend" Thou=you. And you only say "eth" when the verb ends in "-s". For example, instead of "He finds it." Say "He findeth it." But in this case it shouldn't end in "-s" so there is no need for "eth".

Finnick_fml 12

That's utterly bizarre. Maybe they're playing a prank on you, you can seriously ask them to tell you the truth .... Or break into your girlfriend's house. Take your pick :p

Time to call up Falcone and have a look around. Don't let Raab be the getaway driver.

Damn you 22! I was gonna say that..

Op should let somebody else look first. This way he doesn't see something not meant for thine eyes.

I agree that is crazy and a little creepy. But don't break in just have someone else go in with a camera and bring back pictures.

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I agree with 103, send someone in for photos BUT this is the important part; if they don't come back don't go in after them!!! This sounds like the beginning of a bad horror flick. There are rules to these things OP, follow them

She probably just lives with her parents or is very self conscious about her messy place. They have a sense of humour - get one too.

You need a new Girlfriend OP just like she needs to not be so weird and creepy.

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158, I agree completely.

*beeep* *beeep* Crazy person alert!

I love your username FINNICK All the way HUNGER GAMES

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Time to call "Hoarders:Buried Alive" !

Hahaha that's awesome

The Florida cannabil disease is spreading..people are going crazy

Skyrim Hoarders people:You need to get rid of those empty bottles! Nord: But i need them. Lydia: get rid of them or i shall carry your burdens no longer!

And she probably hoards body parts of her exes... or worse... FURBIES.

NOOOO not the FURBIES!!!! Those things are kinda creepy!

lyskiss 10

Furbies were banned from Australian flights because they thought that furbies would intercept and take over the plane. True story.

238- Gotta love how ur picture has 3 furbies in it hahaha

she is shady ,tell her to show ,if not move on ,that's real shady & strange.

Your picture is also shady. Are you a member of Al Queada?

Yes. The Jihad is going strong in San Diego.

Yeah, but it's also pretty shady too. Not to mention shady.

Jeez, how many shadies are there in this thread? Will the real one, please stand up?

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Well you did ask her BEST friend, there's gotta be a reason for that..

No, I don't get it...

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Maybe her house is dirty or disorganized. Just respect her wishes.

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On the next episode of DEA drug bust at OP's girlfriend's house.

She has a sex dungeon in the basement I bet

TheDrifter 23

One can only hope.

who- or even worse- what would be in the dungeon?

A rape dungeon was the first thing that came to my mind. Glad to see this comment.

kathii01 20

haha! first thing I thought of too!!!

floopyflooper 2

84- A troll could be in the dungeon.

Or she's being one

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Bitches be trippin

..Got your back jack...;D

It's probably filled with the bodies of her ex boyfriends.

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Maybe the wardrobe to narnia is there and her bff couldn't handle seeing aslan

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#51, at first I thought you said that he couldn't handle seeing "Asian"..... Lol. I need to go to bed >.>

TarieBoo 2

she's got R.Kelley trapped in the closet v__v &i thought 51 said 'asian' too haha

I thought he said he couldn't handle BEING 'Asian'