By assholedad - 11/02/2015 21:00 - United States

Today, I asked my dad to please shave his awful beard, because I'm a laughing-stock at school for being picked up each day by a guy whose face looks like Bigfoot's ass. He agreed, and 10 minutes later was sporting a pedo-stache. It's going to be a long year. FML
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Your dad is parenting the right way.

Is your dad screwing with you? If so, your dad's awesome!


Is your dad screwing with you? If so, your dad's awesome!

Of course he's screwing with his kid. That's the entire point of being a dad!

That explains why dad jokes exist.

The dad need one of those nasty, "look-at-my-hairy-legs" shorts and some expired Tylenol, then he'll be in business. a thick pair of big 80's style glasses along with a Members Only jacket, and the conversion van from Napoleon Dynamite, then he'll have the classic pedophile look...

Get over it op. Don't let your dad's actions control your days at school.

Point is she can't control the teasing. Judging by your picture, you're not the type people would tease for fear of dying.

If a little verbal abuse is enough to ruin someone's day, especially in school, then they are weak minded.

@101, "For fear of dying"... Lolol so eloquently put. Win.

Your dad is parenting the right way.

He's parenting the right way until he gets arrested for bringing the family van to school while holding binoculars.

#20 Just killed it.

#20 You killed the joke.

Saying it once was enough.

#75 don't be rude

@66, You just killed it. Twice. So don't tell someone they killed something; when you in fact killed their killed kill. TOO FAR 66. TOO. FAR.

@75, Ikr? And it's not like he can really comment. Even if #20 killed it (Which in my opinion he didn't. I thought it was pretty lulzy.) , #66 killed their killed kill. And I am pretty sure I killed everything. And subsequently diverted the impending Zombie Apocalypse. I know. You're welcome.

@20, I mean, "technically" only at recess is when that's like, super creepy. Otherwise, I think it stays just at a mild-to-moderately disturbing level. Unless he has candy. Then it's just, All. F#%^ing. Over.

Your peers aren't old enough to understand how awesome beards are. Your dad is awesome!

If you don't like being picked at school by your dad, you can always walk your way home... Or you could care less about what other people think.

I agree! They can get over a man's facial hair

Exactly. He doesn't have to come and get her and why should she care so much? I've seen people who's parents are a lot more embarrassing then just a beard and they don't care at all.

yeah if I was his dad I'd tell my kid to fuck off. I'll grow a beard if I so damn please. (not that I can right now)

I agree op, don't bother wasting your time caring what people think of your parents. Your dad is pretty awesome to come pick you up every day, and he sounds like an awesome & funny guy. You two sound like you have a good relationship, don't let what other people think ruin that. Plus, I doubt your friends even care or remember him 2 minutes after seeing him. Thankfully I never went through the phase of being embarrassed by my parents, and I had no problem having them around or kissing & hugging them goodbye. Just be thankful you have such awesome caring parents around when so many other kids don't.

It sounds like the dad is doing it on purpose. It must be difficult if OP is shy and just wants to fit in if the father makes it a point to look ridiculous. And besides, walking home is not always an option.

You can't always walk back to school. My middle school was over an hours walk away with no sidewalk, and my elementary and high school were even further. Pairing that with Florida's horrible weather, you get a scenario where you depend on mom and dad.

She could easily ride the bus.

a long year is right...check your "stache" so you can pay your peers for their pain and suffering. Ok...I see the way out.

Tried too hard mate.

yeah...I figured...Lol thanks. :)

Honestly, Bigfoot's butt is quite sexy. You made a major mistake asking him to rid himself of such a glorious beard.

I doubt OP wants to find her dad 'quite sexy', though.

You're right, Smooth_Criminal, that mistake obviously negates my point. :(

Sooner or later you will realise that what other people think of you doesn't matter.

I'm guessing later.

If you ask him again he'll probably start sporting a Hitler stache. Just go with the pedo.

My dad's friend, using the normal electric shavers dads use, jokingly shaved his mustache to match Hitler's. The batteries died before he could shave the rest.

I just shaved my beard because my wife hates it. My daughter told me never to shave my beautiful beard again. I'm so torn.

Regrow the beard!

That's quite the predicament you find yourself in. No matter which way to go, you're screwed, figuratively of course. Maybe you can compromise and only shave half your face... You might even start a new trend!

A shave for a shave. Get creative with your wife. Level the playfield.

Actually 19, if he continues to shave the beard, he may have the opportunity to be screwed on the literal sense as well. I doubt that could happen if he keeps the beard though, due to certain legal complications.

Definitely keep it shaved! Your wife's opinion matters a bit more in this case, especially since she's the once kissing you and feeling that beard on her face.

I don't think feeling his beard on her face is what she was complaining about.