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  x_the_lancer_x  |  13

Crap accidentally downvoted your comment, my iPad slipped ._. Sorry. Felt the need to say this, not exactly sure why. :/


Maybe ask him to do it with a barrier? Saran Wrap and some lube works. Hopefully he will get used to it and then start doing it without the barrier. Also try it in the shower. My boyfriend was hesitant until we did it in the shower, then he started doing it regularly.

  kuzzy00  |  22

That's why they invented 69 !!

Personally, I don't like going down on a girl. Especially if they get very wet. They just don't taste good.

In total, there's only been 3 girls I liked going down on because they are always clean and don't get soaking wet just by simple touching.
My fiancé I seldom go down on, but fortunately she tastes good and showers 3x a day lol. She doesn't like giving a blowjob (even though she's good at it) so we go into a 69 position and it always works out.

  Queenie2014  |  11

You do realize the point of going down on a girl is to get her very wet. If a girl doesn't get wet when you go down on her that means you're probably not doing it right


To be fair, there are certain scenarios where this is fine. For example, I am trimmed/shaved and my GF is not. Going down on her fills my mouth with hair. If I was not groomed I would not expect a BJ. But she understands that I don't go down on her because of the hair issue.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

of its the taste thing, try doing right out of a pool, there's little to no taste after a swim. But really that's a deal breaker for me, he's got to be willing to do me if I am doing him. And he better pretend he loves it!

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

I would only not go down on a girl if she: 1) smells strongly; 2) is on her period; 3) has an infection (which would also cause me to not bang her).

Any other time, I dive in, and happily!

  okay17  |  7

@188, going down on her should not fill your mouth with hair, even if she isn't shaved. The part you're licking does not have hair on it. Spread the pussy open, and then it shouldn't be a problem.

  llamaslikesoda  |  21

#92, I was a bit confused too. #114, That's probably what everybody's conscious about :P