By Anonymous - United States
Today, I asked my boss for a raise. I pointed out that due to a technicality, if he hired someone to replace me, he'd have to pay them more anyway. He said he'd gladly pay more for "someone who knows his god-damn place" and made it clear I'll be jobless very soon. FML
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By  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

Why would you point out that he'd have to pay more anyway if he hired someone else? You're pretty much arrogantly demanding for a raise because that's his only option anyway, not asking. Next time you ask for a raise, back it up by pointing out how your previous and current contributions to the company have made you a valuable asset to the company.

  ShadowOpsV4  |  13

The poster said to his boss "you might as well give me a raise because anyone else you hire will get paid more anyway". This basically gave a golden ticket to the boss to fire him.

  dezire43  |  7

#28 that's not necessarily true. at-will does mean OP can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all but even with at-will employment if you're terminated without just cause you can sue for unemployment and win


#36 - Your two statements contradict each other. "Can be terminated for no reason at all" means that they don't have to have a valid reason to fire you. If the boss is simply displeased with you, they can fire you.

  MrsPegg  |  45

That may be true, but this is the absolute worst time of year to be worried about being fired/looking for a new job. OP should have waited til the new year to ask for a raise, because end-of-year bookkeeping and "house cleaning" makes things more stressful for management. Ill timed for sure and unfortunately timing is everything... Sorry OP!