By frankfukhergood - 09/07/2009 05:49 - Canada

Today, I asked a buddy of mine if he wanted to see a movie. He said he was busy that day, so I decided to go alone. Midway through, the couple behind me is making out and kicking my seat. I turn around, and it's my ex-girlfriend making out with my buddy. FML
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meeeep 0

at least it was your ex girlfriend ?


meeeep 0

at least it was your ex girlfriend ?

unless it was only just his ex, in which case it is pretty crappy.

I believe the standard is that you have to wait six weeks to date your buddy's ex if she broke up with him. Six days if he broke up with her.

Hes not your buddy, friend Im not your friend, guy Im not your guy, buddy ect.

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It's from South Park.

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Ahahaha - #27, I was acutally thinking the same thing!

lol i was like 'buddy' wtf. and then the immediate connection to the south park thing

lol- quite. Well said. He said he was busy, and this was true, but it's pretty clear this was an omission statement because he felt he had something to hide. This is not friendly behavior.

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ain't no fun if the homies can't have none..

How is this an FML? His friend ditches him to go on a date? every person in the thread would do that. it was his EX girlfriend, she's fair game.

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Have you never heard of the buddy code? My guy friends and I would give it time and ask if it's okay, like good friends who consider each other's feelings. You break the code, you may expect the beat-down to be severe.

In accordance to Man Law, if the OP dumped the girl and she's hot, the buddy must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before trying to hook up with the girl in question. The friend is not required to ask permission of the OP to date his ex, except for in the event that the OP was in love with said girl or she dumped him. This still requires the 2 week waiting period. If the friend is in violation of the aforementioned rules then he is to be stripped of his man privileges and demoted to Man Bitch.

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It was 6 months on Man law....not 2 weeks. BURT REYNOLDS LAID IT DOWN!!!

Not if he breaks up with her. 6 months is put into effect if the friend does not wish to ask the one who was dumped :D

#57 How about this? My best friend kept going off-and-on with this girl, seemed to be obsessed/in love with her. I became good friends with her, too, since my best friend liked her so much. Finally, she thought she loved him and they started a serious relationship. But a month later, after they fucked, he dumped her on her birthday. She was heartbroken and I tried to comfort her while still being best friends with her ex. It's been 3 months and he's moved on, they no longer even talk. Can I hook up with her now?

#79 yes you can. He dumped her and its been well over 2 weeks. Thats well within the rules of Man Law. If your buddy gets mad refer him to the 3rd and 30th law of Man Law. The 30th states that no man shall ever cockblock another man under any circumstances. That deed is left to the fat and/or unattractive friend of the woman being pursued.

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#57 man law? seriously.. do you honestly think that theres some type of rules you should abide by when it comes to women.. thats a little annoying, it all depends on the situation.

#83 from the simple fact that you're a woman, your opinion on Man Law doesn't matter. Just like how my opinion on Girl Code, or whatever yall call them, doesn't matter cuz I'm a guy. Oh and FYI Man Law doesn't just apply to rules to follow when dealing with women. If you could read you would realize that the rule I stated has nothing to do with how to deal with/treat/handle the woman, its a guideline on when its ok to date your friends ex.

57, it's not the man law. it's the guyble (guy bible). and the law about a friends ex is right out of dude-eronomy

Gender is not a important factor in Guyble/ bro code/ man law anyone who stands by said rules and are willing to make derogatory comments/be a wingman can and will be classified as bro.

its harsh but its his ex and its not like the friend made him the third wheel and he didnt lie, he was busy


It would be harsher if the OP recorded it on his phone or something XD

wow. wat an asshole! i woulda killed him... kiss HIS gf or exgf now... :-) FYL.

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That's messed. Fuck your life. Hahah.

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I really, really hope your buddy's name isnt Frank. Because...if his name IS Frank... /:

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what the fuck?

look at the poster's username

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Today, I asked someone to hang out, and they said they had plans. Later, I saw him out, engaging in the plans he told me about with someone I have no claim to. FML? Oh wait... I don't see why anyone else should care about this one. He SAID he had plans, he did. Get over it.

Oh yes it is a big deal. You need a buddy's permission to date an ex-gf or hook up usually depending on the circumstances/ how and when they broke up. Kick your buddy in the balls and make him buy you a beer to make up for it. Please refer to the Man Law FB group for further details. Thank you

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I don't think he was dishonest at all... he said he had plans, and he did. If someone asks me to chill and i'm busy, I don't tell them the names of who i'm hanging out with or where i'm going or what i'm doing... i'm busy. that's enough. i do understand it breaks man law, but that's more courtesy than anything else. it was a dick move by his friend, no doubt, but in reality... he has no claim. he didn't say that they JUST broke up, or that he has a true bromance with this guy... and since everyone exaggerates FML anyway, i'm assuming it's because it's a more casual friend and a not-so-serious relationship that ended a little while ago. It sucks, sure, but not nearly to "FYL" status. get over it.

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YDI for having a child who kicks chairs as a buddy.

and you don't have a single other mate that would go to see a movie with you? wow your life IS fucked!

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THAT SUCKS. FYLL. really you should have thrown popcorn at them or coke(:

Why? It's his EX-girlfriend, his friend was even considerate enough to try to spare his feelings. I think this worst thing that his friend did was interrupt his buddy's movie-going experience, and that's not even that bad. If it was his girlfriend, then you'd have an FML. This is just some pussy whining.