By Anonymous - 14/10/2018 22:00

Today, I arrived at the house we rented for my sister's engagement party. I was also told that I have to sleep in the most cramped bedroom with my uncle who sounds like a mortally wounded warthog when he snores. I paid for the rental. FML
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whiskey'swino 15

If you paid the rental then you should have some say in who sleeps where, including yourself and the warthog.

tounces7 27

If he paid for the entire rental I'd say the other people could just find somewhere else to sleep then. He should really get whatever room he wants. He's 100% of the reason for them even having the rental.


Emma Marshall 19

Why would you pay and not dibs the best room?

wtfdaemon 3

If you act like a little b1tch by paying for the rental and then accepting the smallest/shittiest room, you get what you deserve. Grow up and grow some balls.