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Today, I arrived at the beach for a week's vacation. I walk on the beach only to find they are "rebuilding" it. They have heavy machinery all over the place, they work 24/7, and this only happens every 15 years. Glad I picked this week. FML
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The hard hat that you'll have to wear while tanning will really serve well for picking up members of the opposite sex.

way to check it out before you go.


way to check it out before you go.

well maybe there's a different beach by it?

i agree surely there would've been someway of knowing beforehand

if you were going to the beach would you see if they were rebuilding it cuz i dont tgink anyone would

on the brightside, it should be a lot better next year!

I agree. I live 10 minutes from the shore n when I go to the beach I never know/ care to find out if there's construction being done on it. Just move down the beach or drive to another one. FYL OP

that sounds like a wonderful time, op. see you in 15 years.

how the fuck do you rebuild a beach

Haha that's exactly what I was thinking #94!

My family almost went to Nags Head, NC this summer but they are rebuilding it by taking sand from offshore & building up the beach front... We went to Myrtle Beach, SC instead

The hard hat that you'll have to wear while tanning will really serve well for picking up members of the opposite sex.

Hard hat tan lines.

Whats with the furries, furypride? I saw a guys name furrydude..

Look it up you twat. It's essentially he is in love with cartoons. Ie. Sonic the hedgehog

Link5794 18

That's not even close. It's a fetish for dressing up like animals in general, andhas nothing to do with cartoons. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game character. The cartoons and anime came after his success in video games. Also, there's no reason to insult him, despite the ambiguity of whether or not the word "twat" is actually insulting.

Few actually help me thanks Link. And as for the dressing up as animals, Not all of us do that. I do not.

ouch kinda ur fault tho man... shoulda looked more into it

Whenever I go on vacation, the last thing that I would even think of checking on is if they were rebuilding the beach.

Dig an immense hole under the sand and into the water. Although it will take your entire vacation, you'll still feel accomplished when you've tricked those construction guards.

How do you "rebuild" a beach? I feel dumb

Beach nourishment, natural management schemes, heaps of ways. The first one involves getting sand and putting it back in the beach as over time it can wash away, otherwise they might be cleaning it, maintaining it, checking any structures etc.

Beach sand always gets pushed downcurrent. If there is no beach far upcurrent, then there's no incomming sand to replace the ones lost.

I was wondering the same thing...

11, 26 what are you guys fcuking beach experts haha

I thought they meant like sidewalks, railing, cleaning, etc. They want tourists to think it's a good place and not trash-talk it.

Come back next week

OP implies that it is a one week vacation. They more than likely can't come back the next week.

That was a stupid comment lol, please thumb me down!

Don't worry, I did

go to a differen beach?

Or at least ask for a discount from the hotel you're staying at? The hotel should understand you're there for the beach, so you might at least get some cash back.

Danggggggg that furry pic man.

hahaha hawt I know :P

Have fun in the hotel all week!

This beach is dildos

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