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Well? Didn't you want some? Why are you playing those love games?

Say " After you eat my pussy"


Well? Didn't you want some? Why are you playing those love games?

Dick is always good with some dessert.

Dick is always good with some dessert.

Do you love me? Could you learn to love me? Haha maybe she had a little too much of the Funk.

Well, your boyfriend sounds like quite the classy fellow!

That man is a go-getter.

Atleast he was being modest and saying what's on his mind. Props for trying.

You know you wanted it anyways. Heck, you got it I'm sure. Why else for the scented candles??

I somehow first read it as "want some dick in the ear?"

So? Why so uptight?

Ha ha, I'm old Grrreeeeegggg!

Wait so that's not how you end a romantic night properly?

Fresh flowers, scented candles, romantic dinner? Yeah, sounds like you were giving him what you wanted from him, and he returned the favour.

Do you love me You playing those love games With me

56 - do you know the meaning of modest? Look it up; you're using it wrong.

148 - actually that's the only reasonable explanation I've seen here. Still, it wasn't the time. Follow through with her way once before you jump to your way.

148, there are plenty of ways to seduce your girlfriend. Whispering "Want some dick?" into her ear is not a very functional one

What did u expect?

That is what I was thinking. The guy is going to want sex after all that to finish off the romantic evening

23- It's not romantic when someone is that blunt about it.

A dick in a box.

It's my dick in a box!

a dick but in romantic fashion.

A romantic diner then a instance night, seems right.

@#48, yes, yes it is.

48 True he could've said it better but she still should have expected something like that.

She expected to have sex, you morons. But she was carefully creating a romantic mood. His comment blows the mood big time. Some guys think a girl will be seduced by him saying, "I've got a hard on!". Women are just not that simple minded. Well, with the exception of you #101

I hope you said yes because it sounds like he was serious.

lmao so hes blunt...?

Blunt can be better. But really OP you Gould have known he would want sex. Romantic evenings normally mean "let's have sex to finish it off." otherwise there is no point.

There is a point! A Romantic evening can be bonding time. It doesn't have to lead to sex

32 so basically there is no point in any romantic doing unless you are getting some. Girl-"Look at those beautiful earrings!" Boy-"Hey they are beautiful. How about we go over to my place and you get the dick before you get the earrings?"

Fresh flowers and scented candles..?

Where was the violinist?

I initially read this as his favorite meal being fresh flowers and scented candles...

Yea, I was thinking she was dating a horse.

Reading 150 caused me to visualize a horse whispering (want some dick) to op during a candle lit dinner.

This is where you and I differ. I would've said "Hell yeah!" :P

After a romantic dinner, it would have eventually led to the bedroom.

After a romantic dinner, it would have eventually led to the bedroom.

OP should've said "I've got one" and pointed to him.

Well the night would eventually lead to you know what, so your boyfriend was thinking ahead..what a way to take the initiative

I'm not sure how to respond to this... It's just, he killed the mood sure, but is this really an FML?

The man was trying to get everything he possibly could out of your feeling of kindness!

Maybe he meant some Dick Tracy. Nothing like a nice mystery!

Yeah, you wanted some dick.