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  SeedlessMe  |  13

Dude, that's so weird- a lady I work with just did this last week!
The job was posted anonymously and she didn't realize it was our company!
it happens.......

  Felendris  |  0

maybe she was applying for a higher rank in the job or something?
she's a cashier, but applies to be a cook or something (think mcdonalds, wendys, etc)

  Wolfex999  |  0

He applied for a job, then relized it was the job he allready had. (there replacing him, and he hadn't known he was going to be fired yet) Well at least that's what I can make out of it.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I believe the Office Space scenario is closest. My interpretation was that he had to apply for his current job because the company is changing somehow: takeover, department reoeganization, etc. It's getting common for companies to have current employees to prove they are still the best person for the job.


LMFAO I fuckin love that movie! I love when they're beating the shit out of the copy machine. and I downloaded the song "damn it feels good to be a gangster" because of that movie :)

  bazookajoey  |  27

I can understand. Maybe Op's situation is the same as mine. I applied at a pharmacy & my friend happened to work there & they were incredibly short staffed so she asked me to work for them for a couple days, then I'd have an interview and possibly get hired.

  kims0706  |  10

I think I get it. OP's working at his job and reapplied when he saw that his job spot was open, meaning that he was most likely going to be fired soon thus opening said job spot.

By  sugarbabyxoxo  |  2

maybe someone else bought the company the op works at, they have to fire and rehire everyone unless they want to re staff than they just lay everyone off... this just happened to me on Tuesday. but I'm hired. haha anyways good luck op