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By  Baron_Kaz  |  15

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  writerchic85  |  25

It's that attitude that makes people hate retail. Try treating those who have to serve you with some understanding and respect. The workers can't change rules and protocols and there has to be a cut off point as to how far you to to make someone happy.


There's so many assumptions and things wrong here. First off, this is FML, if you don't want to see people "whining" about their lives, this isn't the place for you. Also, the customer is rarely right, and if they're making ridiculous demands or requests, especially ones that can't reasonably be fulfilled, you don't have to cater to them. If you buy a product from a store, that comes with the condition that you might need to go back to the store to get another one. It's the way things work, the store can't come to you, either deal with it or just order stuff online from now on. How do you expect OP to do the exchange over the phone? They usually physically need the exact item to make the exchange. Especially to check if the product is damaged or faulty in anyway because of the customer's usage. Customers often do that, they try to exchange broken items that are only broken because they mishandled them. If OP tried to do this, it would be skin off their back, because at the very least they'd be disciplined, but most likely they'd be fired.

By  atomicxsarah  |  17

People are idiots. I work in a optical store and had a lady come in demanding her money back for contacts we shipped to her house. Wouldn't be a problem if she had actually brought back the contacts.

By  AkaiKitsune  |  31

Yeah. I've had a customer demand a replacement before. She had the receipt and the product which would have been fine. Except the item was from a completely different company. Apparently she couldn't tell the difference between Thrifty foods and WalMart. Here's a hint, if you're in a grocery store, odds are, they don't do refunds on clothing. That's why I work night shift, less people come in so less stupid people to deal with overall.