By sunshinexx - 07/09/2012 09:50 - Australia

Today, I announced to my family that I was going to start playing netball with my work colleagues. They all burst into fits of laughter at the thought of me doing physical activity. FML
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jenniiienyc 5

Become a pro and then laugh at them.

And here come all the "What's netball?" comments. Google is your friend, people. Bing, on the other hands, sucks balls.


jenniiienyc 5

Become a pro and then laugh at them.

Unfortunately, it takes a large amount of physical ability and immense skill to go professional in any sport.

20. Pro doesn't mean get big and play professionally, it means get really good then rub it the face of the pricks who made fun of op. go for it op!

I guess in with the slang now-a-days.

Saintsrockssocks, you're 13 and you don't know "slang"? I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed much since you were born.

My bad. I read the comment in a completely different context than she was implying. I thought she meant as in a paid professional. Excuse me.

Wow. I raped grammar in my 29 comment.

hellachillin 8

48- you mean you had nonconsensual sex with the grammar of your 29 comment? Or was "rape" some type of this new age slang that's just so darn confusing

flutter4 7

Just prove them wrong.

Like that episode of family guy. Suddenly OP's all buff.

Im sure then everyone will owe OP money and they won't be able to get down the stairs if they don't pay up

I guess you should've started something like this a long time ago to show them that you enjoy activity with your co-workers.

Or he can start now and prove them wrong later. It's never too late, unless you get herpes, you can do nothing about that.

And here come all the "What's netball?" comments. Google is your friend, people. Bing, on the other hands, sucks balls.

Netball is an awesome sport glad more people know about the sport.

What's a google?

TheDrifter 23

I believe a google is a very large number. Somewhere in the vicinity of the total number of beers ever consumed worldwide.

Drifter - that would a googol. It makes me very sad that there is a red squiggly line under "googol" but not under "squiggly".

18. Thou shalt die in an inferno of hell! Right next to the IE users. CONVERT CONVERT!! There's still time!

Just kidding. Your screwed 18.

dellscreen13 1

peter parker used bing, and he's a genius.

TheDrifter 23

Damn, I actually never realized I was spelling it wrong. Now I'm sad that spellcheck accepts google but googol as a proper word.

Netball is a British term for girls basketball where they don't dribble

Netball is sounding better already. Its not very attractive when girls dribble.

Well the company google was named after the number one googol so, close enough

TheDrifter 23

The world needs more netball chicas in their shorty shorts. Good choice op.

Chicas? Si. Chicos? No.

KiddNYC1O 20

Adriana Lima? Calienteee.

senbonzakura90 3

Ultimate freesbee

Free the bees! Free them all!!!

Greendaycheese 12

Prove them wrong. :)

Unless you're Bender the lovable alcoholic robot, I fail to see how your comment is relevant to the FML

olpally 32

American pie movie reference... Steve stifler calls finch shitbrick because of the laxatives stifler gave finch... Finch hates using public restrooms even at high school, he ended up shitting in the girls bathroom... Lol.. Hence the name, shitbrick... God, I have way too much time on my hands.

olpally 32

Also, I think he commented on the wrong FML.. In that case, my explanation was a complete waste of space... Lol.

skyeyez9 24

I hope you didn't let their ridicule discourage you. Play netball and have fun.

So start playing and enjoy the last laugh!