By Anonymous - Australia - Brisbane
Today, I announced to my coworkers that I'd "fixed the massive problem" they'd all been complaining about. Eleven different people made guesses at what the problem had been, ranging from how bad I smell to if I had learned to brush my teeth. I just meant that I'd fixed the coffee machine. FML
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By  Screwie  |  25

Use that coffee in there to clean your toothbrush while you're taking care of your teeth, it will probably make everyone happy as long as they don't find out.

  cameron194  |  9

Coffee to clean a toothbrush .. You know , I'm pretty sure people brush their teeth to clean and get rid of coffee/other food stains.. Rinsing a toothbrush in coffee, probably not the brightest idea. :/

By  Brenda37  |  13

I bet a moment of awkward silence ensued after you told them the actual problem you fixed... How uncomfortable. Well anyways OP, now you know what areas you need to work on so make a better effort to be more hygienic.