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Today, I announced my third pregnancy to my family. My dad's only reaction was to scoff, "Really? Stop breeding already." FML
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This whole FML is highly dependent on your age in my opinion. If you're really young and already at three kids I'd say its a bit much. But shit, what do I know.

rg350dx 29

I'm sure if she was good at giving comeback she wouldn't be in this situation.


What was your comeback?

rg350dx 29

I'm sure if she was good at giving comeback she wouldn't be in this situation.

Wizardo 33

"Well if you want my comeback you'll have to scrape it off your mums teeth" - Jimmy Carr, the man, the legend.

She better comeback with a goddamn sandwich

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Frankieonpcin1080p quote "kill it before it breeds!"

This whole FML is highly dependent on your age in my opinion. If you're really young and already at three kids I'd say its a bit much. But shit, what do I know.

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Ya I agree...but honestly, in my opinion, three should be getting close to stopping.

I think you need to add economic situation along with age. If OP's too young or too broke I can understand the Dad's reaction. If she's both of those, I can REALLY understand that reaction

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If she has the income to support those kids more power to her. Some people have tons of kids just to get larger government checks and more food stamps. I didn't make those kids so why should my taxes pay for them? That's the bullshit of it, 46. Don't take everything so damn personally.

This all depends on if the OP is financially stable. Married not married I don't care as long as you can bring your kids up in a safe nurturing environment without government assistance. If you are on welfare with 2 other kids stop breeding.

sounds like someone needs to be more greatful of there grankids!

*grateful *their *grandkids

6 - your comment is killing me. On one hand I completely understand, he made simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided. But on the other hand, it didn't detract from his comment at all. It was still quite legible.

Legibility isn't the point. "There" versus "their" and "they're" is something my 6-year old can understand, and "greatful" isn't even a word.

I'm not trying to defend him. I just have a slight distaste for people who correct all mistakes. If I can understand the comment then I see no reason to ridicule the writer.

Success4444 12

Okay, then I will only correct ONE mistake. He should have used *for instead of the word "of."

To Nordrag (who i usually have great admiration for): How is correcting "ridiculing"? If so, then my teachers are being paid to ridicule me from young? I would be GRATEFUL to anyone who is willing to spend their time correcting me when I'm wrong or to suggest a better way of doing things! But what do I know - I'm merely Asian.

I'll go ahead and back out before I'm thumbed to oblivion. I just usually stand up for people that get corrected. Many of my friends are English majors, and because of it I've been grammar nazi'd to death a few times. From the viewpoint of the person who makes honest mistakes, the corrections feel like ridicule.

AboveAll04 14

this all could have been avoided if he just re-read his comment...or maybe he is that dumb Idk

28--Who cares he's hott.

I personally think this is hilarious, Thank you for correcting my grammar everyone :) Being dyslexic its hard for me to differentiate between There, their & where, were we're. I'm not dumb, I run my own website business and bring in quite a bit of money, so.... :P

Just because you can make money doesn't immediately make you smart. McDonalds workers make money. That doesn't make them geniuses. I'm not saying you're stupid, I'm just saying the reasoning behind your defense of your intelligence was invalid.

I dont think the working was the point. more like that he has the skills to run and maintain the business which generally connotes to being somewhat smart

Here's an idea, stop nitpicking at STOOPID (btw that was an intentional misspell I know how to spell stupid) mistakes and people you don't even know, and will probably never meet

47-I don't see how correcting someone on their improper spelling and/or grammar is "nitpicking". If anything, it should be taken with gratitude, as by correcting them we're letting them know that thy used it improperly, and they can learn from it. But if blissful ignorance is your thing then by all means, get offended by correction and ignore it.

You're a moron 40 if you think grammar or spelling has anything to do with the intelligence of someone who is Dyslexic.

CharresBarkrey 15

40 said nothing about dyslexia.

MilkyFilmz 26

86, they actually did.

My husband is a pharmacist he got in on his first try and they only accept 50 people a year. He is wicked smart and was able to get a great degree and be very successful. Not just anyone can do that, so yes I think intelligence along with hard work give you a better chance a being successful. But even if you aren't "book" smart you can still find success it just seems to require a lot more work and dedication. Oh and my husband is one of the extreme few from his high school that got such a professional job. It's hilarious because everyone except his teachers assumed he was dumb because he never talked much in school boy did he show them!

NagainaFier 16

90, That's great and all (really and truly) but how is it relevant to the thread? I'm missing the connector here.

I think she just wants to boast her husband's achievements.

It was related to 33 and 40. I guess I was boasting a bit but there nothing wrong with being proud and cheering on your partner.

Because he said he was dumb and obviously when you own a successful business you must have some smarts. I could never own a business, nor would I want to. I was just saying if you have the smarts and the drive it's a lot easier.

Well if your children turn out to be an asshole like your father then maybe you should stop breeding.

problem is op won't know if they turn out to be assholes until it's too late.

4 - Actually, I visited your page to get a better look at your profile picture.

Well OP sounds like your father doesn't approve of either the situation in which you are having kids or he's just a jerk.

olpally 32

Love ya too dad. He should be happy, that prick.

Congratulations! Babies are a bundle of joy. It sucks your dad doesn't seem to understand that.

Maybe he understands it perfectly seeing as HIS daughter is having a THIRD child. Besides, I find OP kinda selfish for having 3 kids, I know you shouldn't say to people they can't have any more children....but with rising population 2 is perfect. Everyone wants their perfect life with loads of kids, well keep it up and see how that works out for resources, living space and tectonic activity.

addioty 19

I don't think having three kids is selfish at all. My parents found out my mom was pregnant with me three days before their wedding, and two years after I was born my mom found out she was pregnant again with my twin brothers. Three years later they adopted my sister Mimi from Guatemala. That's honestly a selfless thing to do, adopt from another country. People can't choose if they are having twins or a single baby - and it shouldn't matter if they are brought into a stable and loving enviroment.

I don't think it's selfish at all either. I plan to have as many kids (If God is willing) as my husband and I can afford. And when they grow older or if we're doing well while they're at home.. Then I will adopt or foster children of course. It's not really your business how many kids others have. A baby is a blessing from God. (Psalm 127:3). I'm happy for her :). Congrats again OP.

I too agree that it is selfish. It is very expensive to raise a kid these days, and the later children end up with a less fulfilling upbringing as both parents usually need to work to make it work, therefore; the children end up at daycare or with a cheap nanny who really doesn't care. When the kids are old enough for college, they will have to pay for it themselves and start their adulthood with a ginormous debt as the parents will be unable to afford to provide help for their boat load of kids. The world population is getting too large, and it is causing issues. I think a 2 child law should be in effect and that you should have to apply for a permit to have more. Just my opinion. Oh BTW, I have wanted a dozen kids of my own since I was a kid, but would not want to put them through an upbringing that I can not afford.

Why do you assume having many children means they'd have a hard life? I'm the youngest of four and that's very unlike my upbringing. My mother was a stay at home mom who never missed a single one of my or any of my siblings sports games, plays, concerts, and other events. My parents are paying for my college education provided I keep a job (not because they're unwilling to pay for me, but because they want us to be prepared to manage our own expenses when we're on our own). We're not rich by any means, but we are comfortable and my parents wouldn't have had so many kids if they weren't prepared to afford it.

I'd hardly say OP is selfish. We are talking about 3 children not 10. 3 kids is common

75 - Just because it is common, does not mean it is not selfish....i don't know where you got that bad reasoning from. If people have 3 kids, populations will continue to rise.... But people don't care about that because they don't think it will be a problem if they just have 3 kids... Its all the other people having 3 or more kids...

monnanon 13

please shut up. it only causes a rise if evryone wlwas having kids which they are not. lots of people have no kids at all. there are also families with 8 or more kids so are we really going to attack people who have pushed thr population up by one person? ooh and lets not forget a very important point. how many kids someone has is none of your business.

So by your reasoning the population is not actually rising and it is at a steady state? If you think that then please YOU shut up. The amount of children people has in the business of the entire country because it affects us all how many people are having. You just don't like the idea of someone telling you you shouldn't have something; people like you are the reason why "Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the rest we have tried" bias idiots. Do you know what would happen if China didn't limit a couple's children count? Massive overpopulation, even more poverty and famine. The amount of children people have is a topic of debate, therefore open to me to discuss. I'm willing to bet you or someone close to you has 3 children.....bias.

The problem is, is these days with already way to many people in the world, if our generation keeps the same breeding going as our parents did, people will need to start finding a new planet to live on as we already have so many world issues based on the population. As well, with the economy in most places we can just not afford it anymore, therefore it is irresponsible.

NagainaFier 16

96, while I won't say that the population isn't larger than what I would like, you're doing your math as if EVERYONE is having children. There's plenty of people who cannot/do not want children. The 'average' for my country (last time I had the statistics presented to me) was 2.5, or something similar. I know plenty of people who have NO children. I personally do NOT want any kids. My grandmother was 1 of 15, and my mother is 1 of 7; it's all about averages. And a law to restrict children? Good God, NO. China has a limit on the number of children a couple can have, and there are people who go dig through dumpsters and check for abandoned babies the parents didn't want to deal with/pay fines for. And like another commenter posted, are you really going to force someone to have an abortion because she 'maxed out'? Do you have any idea how TRAUMATIC an abortion is/ can be on a woman, physically and mentally?

Alot of you seem to not be able to seperate emotion from a decision, my argument is logical. If we keep increasing the amount of people on Earth.... Bad things are going to happen because we cannot support them all; it is straight forward logic. I never said I want to impose a law or anything like that, I would hate to have a partner and mine's child aborted and I don't expect people to get it forced on them; but I am speaking from an un-bias emotion-free perspective when I say people need to stop having so many babies ( as a general ) for the good of all mankind it is irresponsible and quite selfish. It is the same situation with people who have 4x4's in cities, they want them ...but they shouldn't as it is a completely inefficient use of a vehicle and it contributes needlessly to the CO2 issue that some idiots think is a myth.

blackman100 20

108, I agree with you completely. I want to address three points. 1. The people who say that it is all about averages. "Some people have 15 kids and some have none. It is all about the averages!" Well guess what? The averages are still too damn high! A 2.5 kid average per woman will basically triple the population in the next 50 years. Your logic is flawed because there are still too many people in the world, no matter what the fuck you think your averages say. 2. The argument that it isn't selfish. Well it is. I'm sorry but if you can afford 4 or 5 kids, then maybe you should help the parents that can't afford one. And the prices nowadays to take care of these kids, it is ridiculous. So help some other parents out if you can. When you bring more than your fair share of human life into this world, then you harm the humans that surround your children because the world and its population are growing exponentially, and eventually will exceed the amount the world can hold. It is selfish to say "I want as many kids as I can handle", when the rest of the world and the world itself says "we don't need another bitch to make more babies than her fair share". Stop at two ladies. Use a condom, save a baby, save 3000 diapers filled with shit, and you will have helped to save the world. 3. Make sure to raise your first kid right before you raise another one. We don't need more ignorant kids in this day and age. If you want 2 kids, then make sure that the first kid you have is on the right path before you try to raise another one. We should be worried that the quality of the new generation is decreasing, yet the quantity is increasing. If and when I think about breeding, I would much rather have one good kid that will make significant contributions to the world rather than 15 snotty jerks. So next time you say that you want as many kids as you can have, think about raising your first kid right. Thank you for all of the people who stayed with me through this rant. I think that some of you people need to get your shit together before you worry about getting a child.

addioty 19

110, Read my comment again. My mom was supposed to give up one of my twin brothers because two is socially acceptable in your mind? My parents have a lot of money and were able to afford having more kids. We do help out a lot, my sister's family in Guatemala couldn't afford to keep her, so we adopted her. Instead of having a huge Thanksgiving meal we donate money to people in other countries struggling to eat. My mom pays for five children's education and supplies each year. We help out at homeless shelters. Condoms break and birth control isn't 100% effective.

blackman100 20

114. I get that you get twins. That is something you not your mom can't control. In many cases, you won't give up twins because society says so. Most of the things I say weren't directed toward you or your family. It was mostly directed towards the people who get 3 or 4 kids and say, "Hey! I want more!" Good for you for donating to shelters and taking care of 5 kids. But we don't need to bring more than 2 kids being purposely conceived. But if there is life in this world that isn't being taken care of, then someone brave like you and your family takes care of them, there's nothing more precious than that. Don't assume that I think that all people with more than 2 kids are bad; just the ones who want more than they or the world can handle. Also, condoms and birth control don't always work but their failure rate is pretty low. If you are having sex enough to get that one condom in 100 that breaks, then you might want to rethink your lifestyle.

I like how everyone's bitching about "rising populations". OP is from Canada, we have a negative population growth here (In other words, more people dying than being born). We NEED more people having kids to support the economy.

126, THANK YOU!!! I'm Canadian too, and I've been waiting for someone to bring that up. I'm Canada, a very large part of the population doesn't have children, therefore at the moment, the current generation of teens, would keep the population in the perfectly fine area if they had 2-4 babies.

Cusefan5 6

My rating depends on how old you are

And if shes one of those who keeps dumping her kids on her parents to go out all the time.. Or expects them to raise them for her. Which is not unthinkable in todays society..

Looks like someone is not going to be living in a nice old folks home later on

He just doesn't want you to make the same mistakes that he did. That's actually sweet. But really insulting if you think about it...