By Happyunlucky - 20/07/2013 06:31 - United States - Andover

Today, I announced my first pregnancy to my family. Not to be outdone, my sister immediately announced that she "might" be getting pregnant soon. My family ended up congratulating her instead, and asked me if I would plan the baby shower. FML
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FYL, Sorry your sister had to steal your moment :(

Congrats on the baby, OP!


She sounds like an attention seeking bitch.

sibling rivalry at it's worst.. I'm sorry she had to be a bitch muffin and steal your moment, OP.. but congratulations on your first pregnancy!

FYL, Sorry your sister had to steal your moment :(

Op Dont let that bitch steal yo shine! *snaps finger*

tjv3 10

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

Is she the prettier one?

She's the bitchier one

Why should it matter which one is prettier

it was joke on sterotypes dumb asses -_-

Laurenluvz 11

It wasn't a funny joke.

Congrats on the baby, OP!

21, #4 did read the FML and I don't believe you understood the FML. OP's sister is a clearly an attention whore and she lied to the family so she can receive attention too. Congratulations OP on your baby!

Jelbeztok 17

I'm pretty sure 21 was being sarcastic.

There are two types of people..

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That was total sarcasm haha. And pretty funny in my opinion. Amazing how some people can't read between the lines. Especially when the sarcasm is that blatant.

assassinbanana0 20

Maybe we knew it was sarcasm, but didn't think it was funny at all

except that it was! so suck a dick

Or you didn't and are just trying to cover up your stupidity.

I hate it when people can't accept something good happening to someone else. What a bitch. FYL, op.

FYL indeed. congrats on your pregnancy.

I would definitely say NO to planning that baby shower! They can plan her fake shower for her. Then I would be looking at the people who will be supportive and only share these special moments with them! If the family can't be supportive now, I wouldn't let them join in later and hog time away from the people who had been supportive!

rozsrredd 16

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy this time, and build up a strong support system of non-family members, because the system you have seems unlikely to provide much support.

MilkyFilmz 26

I bet op's sister is a spoiled favorite.

Wizardo 33

Like a scene straight out of Breaking Bad, just go psycho on her and tell her to stop being such an attention whore.

Mads_1234 28

Go Walt-White-carwash ape shit on her, OP. Congrats on the baby!

You "might" need to associate with different members of your family.