By Happyunlucky - / Saturday 20 July 2013 06:31 / United States - Andover
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By  droidlover  |  14

Is she the prettier one?

  DaDezza244  |  31

21, #4 did read the FML and I don't believe you understood the FML. OP's sister is a clearly an attention whore and she lied to the family so she can receive attention too.

Congratulations OP on your baby!

  Caitie_kid  |  8

I would definitely say NO to planning that baby shower! They can plan her fake shower for her. Then I would be looking at the people who will be supportive and only share these special moments with them! If the family can't be supportive now, I wouldn't let them join in later and hog time away from the people who had been supportive!

By  rozsrredd  |  15

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy this time, and build up a strong support system of non-family members, because the system you have seems unlikely to provide much support.

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