By kb123
Today, I'm visiting my wife's home country for the first time. To avoid the spicy street food, I bought something labelled "Fruit salad" from a street vendor. I didn't know even Pakistani fruit salad can be very spicy too. FML
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By  Shabnam Moghal  |  14

Hi OP. Pakistani here. Please don't eat anything being made on the streets. Drink only bottled mineral water. Please also talk to your wife about your spicy food problem. She'd probably much rather know about it so she can be careful and help prevent you becoming sick. Have a safe healthy holiday.

By  kdmittens  |  9

yes we have a masala for fruits as well.. its called chaat masala :p
next time ask them to not put it on your fruit salad
although i would strongly advice you to eat home cooked food
street food is not good for the stomach of locals as well