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Today, I am still coughing. I was diagnosed with whooping cough last week, which apparently cannot be treated. Basically, it appears I'm a 19th century English peasant. FML
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Sounds like #6 has it. Nearly eradicated in developed nations since the 1970s, whooping cough is apparently on the rise again because modern parents are all sociopaths/brave protectors of precious snowflake. Go, parents!

Or a six month old baby.


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Exactly. All this really says is "Today, I have whooping cough. Wah, wah, wah." Come back and complain when you get the plague or something.

loads of people get whooping cough. get over it. fair enough, you obvs dont feel great, but doesnt make you a 19th century peasant.

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Are you kidding me? In high school, I got whooping cough three times in a row because I was going on a month-long trip around the world at the end of the year provided I never took a single day off from school besides that. I would cough so hard I barfed with every fit and I even cracked a rib at one point. I spent every night on a breathing machine with no sleep just so I could get up and go to school the next day even though it was highly contagious (nobody wanted to be around me) and completely illegal to make me stay. I'm sorry you have whooping cough, dude. I know it sucks. But you'll get over it soon and you'll be fine. It could've been worse, trust me.

God how much do you suck - people get worse diseases every day and don't bitch like this. Why don't you get polio, THEN you can complain. Kisses

my brothers had whooping cough although to be fair he is english BUT STILL STFU BITCH

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just to hit the original poster harder....the English lacked peasants, they had what are known as yeomen, similar but no. Now you look even more like a pretentious wanker

true - it could have been worse: you could have been a 15th century English Peasant with the Plague

Exaggerate much?

i don't think we had peasants in the 19th century...

You know whats good for whooping cough? Get someone to fart in your face. Gone in a flash. It works for me anyway.

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Actually, if you stick your head in the freezer, it'll help it. The cold air helps the cough. Of course, as soon as you get out of the cold air, it'll go back to being just as bad, but you could have a few moments of relief, right?

thats exactly what i read on webmd too

Or a six month old baby.

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i know they you are attempting to make us laugh or so it seems but you kind come off as a dick

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The vaccine for whooping cough is only 70% effective. Not to mention that it's thought that the whooping cough virus has mutated as not to be effected at all by vaccines. Getting whooping cough is actually quite common. I was vaccinated but I got it a few years ago.

Tell me about it, I got vaccinated when I was a child. Didn't keep me from getting Whooping Cough four years ago. Not sure which is worse, whooping cough or pneumonia ... I came down with both that winter.

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Whooping cough sucks, I got it a few years ago. It can be treated with antibiotics, apparently your real FML is a dumbass doctor...?

like i said in another comment, i had whooping cough about 2 months ago. i was vaccinated for it, but you can still pick it up, its just generally not as bad as it could have been. plus, i had it when i was a baby, and im 18 now, which is the age i got whooping cough. so, the vaccine probably doesnt last as long and isnt as effective that far along.

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i know how stupid i'm going to sound for asking this, but can someone tell me what the whooping cough is? i mean, obviously, it's "slang" for something.

Check here if you don't know what it is:

It's not slang, it's a real disease. Basically a chest infection that everyone gets vaccinated for as a child.

To all those "Why didn't you get vaccinated?" people. An allergy to this vaccine is actually very, very common. That is why they have a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine and a variant called a TD vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria). Pertussis is whooping cough. I have always gotten all of my vaccinations, including the flu shot, and am still at risk for whooping cough because I am allergic to that vaccine. So, no, it's not because of crazy, irresponsible parenting EVERY time someone gets a disease that has a vaccine. In fact, sometimes it's because the parents were responsible enough to notice "Hey, my baby is swelling after she got vaccinated today!"

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#58, that made me chuckle. #59, i just wanted to know the medical name for it to see if i would recognize it or something, but anyway, #58 and #67 got that covered. thanks guys!

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My baby sister was vaccinated, and she had it last year.

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Vaccines don't do shit but cause autism, virus's mutate all the time. Whooping Cough isn't a "medevil disease" and if you have so much faith in vaccines, you have no reason to fear if sombody else doesn't get one. Chill.

You actual fool, that was just the MMR jab that supposedly had a large chance of giving a child autism. It turns out the doctor who carried out the study was a fucktard and didn't have a clue what he was on about and only tested 40 patients in what turned out to be a biased study anyway. Hundreds died because of him and he can now no longer practice medicine. Learn about these things before you post.

#22 You are retarded. Whooping cough is a bacterial infection... not a virus. The reason it is called Pertussis is because the bacteria you are infected with is called Bordetella pertussis. And #35: Antibiotics only work if you catch it early enough. However, they can help make you less contagious so the OP should probably get some.

107, I don't even know where to start with you. You should probably just kill yourself because you are obviously too dumb to live.

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There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism. In fact, there is strong evidence that they don't. Autism occurs at similar rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Autism rates have gone up while agents such as thimerosal have been removed. Vaccines do have some side effects, and are not 100% safe. Common side effects are minor however (such as a sore arm after a Tetanus shot). There are rare side effects with some major consequences, however across the board there is a greater chance of a rare complication arising from the disease being serious than a rare side effect from the vaccine. Vaccines are fairly effective however at preventing illness. The goal of vaccinations, however, is two-fold. The first goal is to provide some measure of protection to the individual. 87-93% efficacy, as with pertussis, is pretty good (Ramsay et al 1993), but not perfect. The second goal, however, is herd immunity. If enough people get vaccinated, then it dramatically lowers the chances of infection for everyone (vaccinated or not). Herd immunity keeps people far safer than the vaccine efficacy alone would indicate. Total vaccination coverage with a 90% efficacious vaccine can provide near 100% protection if nearly the entire population is vaccinated (depending on the basic reproduction number of the illness).

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This is so true. And just because you got vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get it later. Many vaccinations require booster shots to make the immune system stronger. It is possible for your body to "forget it"

They don't cause autism, but nice try.

Sounds like #6 has it. Nearly eradicated in developed nations since the 1970s, whooping cough is apparently on the rise again because modern parents are all sociopaths/brave protectors of precious snowflake. Go, parents!

if that was the case wouldnt they get a crazy amount of shots to protect their "snowball"?

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Some people believe vaccines cause autism so they refuse to get their children immunized.

No, it's not the organic mercury either. It's been researched and researched. Also, they removed that from vaccines anyway.

Ass burgers?

Sadly, the researcher who published the article supposedly linking autism to vaccines forged the data. There IS NO link. He was charged with fraud, disbarred, stripped of all academic merits.... But idiotic anti-vaxxers still cite his "work" as truth. :(

I don't know, I thought I had whooping cough, I went to the doctor, she said it was a possibility, even though I had been vaccinated. She did a test, and I had to wait like, 2-3 days to get the results. She gave me antibiotics in the meantime that would make it better in case I did. It turns out I didn't have it, just an infection in my lungs, but I'm pretty sure there is a cure.

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can't be treated? u need another doctor.

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There's an anti-biotic that makes it last a shorter period of time, but you get rid of it on your own. It's also preventable with the god damn vaccine everyone gets. ...Except you.