By Anonymous - 26/04/2014 20:05 - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Today, I am on vacation in Dubai with my dad and a few of his friends. I thought we were going to travel and see some amazing things, but I'm confined to my hotel room while everyone drinks and watches Family Guy. FML
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worst vacation ever... at least you can see some exotic cars?

They're* Griffin* You're* Holy shit.


worst vacation ever... at least you can see some exotic cars?

You're not just watching people drink while they watch Family Guy at're watching people drink while they watch Family Guy in Dubai!!!!!

I just watched a 45 minute video of Dubai on YouTube. Pretty f**king amazing!

This probably made OP feel worse.

But, it's in Dubai.

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Mhmm and Dubai happens to be the richest city in the world. There's tons of things there

so what ? I love my country China

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You'll be in China most of your life. You wont get many opportunity to go to Dubai. Nothing wrong with loving your country and also wanting to learn about other places.

Well at least you're still in an amazing city. Having some time alone could be worth it. It still blows that they would do that without telling you. Sorry, OP.

Being in an amazing city makes it worse if you don't get to see any of it.

Well OP might have a great view from the hotel room..

Which would make it even worse, in my opinion, if you had a totally rad view of a city that you can't explore because you're stuck in a hotel room full of drunk people.

#3 I wouldn't recommend OP go out alone sightseeing in a foreign country especially if OP is a woman.

My sister moved to Dubai 7 months ago and always goes out alone. Just because it's an Arab country doesn't automatically make it hostile to women. I understand where you are coming from though. Traveling anywhere alone has dangers--especially, unfortunately, for females. I just wanted to clear some misconceptions anyone may have. This is not an attack targeted towards this commenter.

Wrong place to be a woman!

Talk about a waste of a vacation :/ You should really get out there and see the city! :D From what I've seen it's really beautiful.

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Maybe there trying to live the life of Peter Griffey and your meg.

They're* Griffin* You're* Holy shit.

classiceagle63 16

I realized my spelling errors after it was finalized and posted, but thank you for pointing them out. I didn't know shit could be holy.

euphoricness 28

I eat eat shit that is holy every day!

Dubai is amazing. It's a shame that you may not get to see a lot of it. Hopefully they'll decide to go to something soon.

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After playing Spec Ops: The Line, I would never be able to stay in Dubai. Hope OP hasn't played it.

Why can't the OP just explore Dubai alone?

RedPillSucks 31

OP is female. OP may also be under age. It's not a good idea to go exploring by yourself in a place you know nothing about and a culture you know nothing about.

Why don't you travel on your own?

Depends on OP's age, I guess. If they're young enough to be 'confined' to the room...

#9: Age and/or finances may be factors. It's not exactly smart to just wander off in a strange city as a young inexperienced traveler.

Since she's there with her dad, she may be too young to safely go out in a strange city by herself.

Alone? Woman? In Dubai? Yeah, if you want to get raped and then arrested for being raped. Google "What tourists need to know before going to Dubai".

incredible 59 comments of "that sucks" and "why not just go out on your own" and finally someone points out how messed up and backwards that place is when it comes to female rights. Thank you 60 bout time.

In many arab cultures and Muslim some parts of France belive it or not a woman traveling alone may not only be raped but then basically get in trouble for basically instigating a rape. so no she can't really go out without a family member taking her! how do people not know this!?!

You should go out anyway since they are being jerks. If they say anything against it, tell them their actions will not ruin your fun.

Oh sure. That's real smart. Go out in a country you possibly have 0 knowledge about or where anything is and possibly dont speak the language. AND by yourself ...what could possibly go wrong?

moron! on so many levels moron.

I wandered around Amsterdam that way...

They are with their parents so they're probably a kid. They shouldn't be alone wondering around in a strange country. That's CRAZY.