By Creepster - 13/01/2010 06:31 - United States

Today, I almost crashed my car because I was checking out an Old Navy mannequin wearing a bra. FML
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perdix 29

Let me save you the trouble -- they've got ugly nipples. And they are not as perky and clever as the ones in the commercial. It kinda ruins the mood when you're popping off her bra and she's going on and on about "The Gap sucks this" and "The Gap sucks that." You know -- sour grapes. And it's almost impossible to get it on when kids are walking by and saying, "Mommy, why does the man fixing the mannequin have no pants?" I thought the Old Navy mannequins were hot, but that was a big disappointment.

The real FML is that you were looking in the general direction of an Old Navy. (Sorry, I just really hate Old Navy)


You allow people just hitting puberty to drive these days? Or is OP really a woman trying to make a "ooh those silly men tehe"-FML for fun? 'Cause no man actually likes breast and bras that much, especially not on a mannequin. You've learned that from TV. In reality men are much more graphic than that but I won't go there since kids are reading this :D

justdancebbyx3 7

I bet you don't have a GF. And I bet it wasn't even a bra the mannequin was wearing. I bet it was a bikini >.> In Florida (where I live) our Old Navy mannequins don't model in only bras.

it was a bra. a sports bra. i work at old navy and right now we're having an active wear sale, which includes old navy sports bras, some of which are modeled by the super model-quins =D

xhoodoox 0

You deserve it, those mannequins are creepy. I work at Old Navy, and those things freak me out.

agreed. fake boobies are in no way shape or form worth checking out. ever. especially whilst operating a motor vehicle

ladykat 0

key word: almost. who cares

Ever heard of the 80's film 'Mannequin'?

can u say desperate,

Loved that movie

I'm totally missing the point of the website here. I should get a damn clue and stuff.

That's not the FML. The FML is that he gets so little action he actually gets turned on by an Old Navy mannequin.

haha .... time you learned counting .... lolz ... FYL

saranottelling 7

No, third. Way To Suck! :)

Foxracingluver 0

Still if u have to check out a manequin then get a life:)

Link5794 18

Or a computer.

hahaha number 3 darling, your a fuckwit get a job


The real FML is that you were looking in the general direction of an Old Navy. (Sorry, I just really hate Old Navy)

djlubel 0

might understand if its a chick with massive tits and cleavage.. but a mannequin? pft.

waterynuggets 0

This was funnier on Seinfeld, also with a real girl.

that's just sad.