By Alan - Germany
Today, I agreed to stay a week with my wife's parents, who she told me were traditional Japanese. I was prepared for having to wear Japanese clothes while in the house, but I wasn't prepared for communal bathing in the same huge bath with her father, grandfather, uncle and two brothers. FML
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By  nicmack95  |  16

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By  Xeebar  |  28

It's awkward for sure, but like the first commenter said, just try their traditions out. It'll show you respect their culture, respect being a HUGE thing in Japan.

By  shade34  |  19

oh come on!...Although I don't come from Germany, I live there, and you guys can take a bath naked at the swimming pool showers with other people being around! There is even the FKK "the naked beach" and you are complaining now?

  melisssa87  |  30

Oh ok but I have only heard of FKK clubs that are only for men who go there to relax, swim, eat, drink etc. but mainly to buy sex from the prostitutes there who walks around naked as well

By  qdawg06  |  23

Well a little family bonding time never hurts... Usually.