By Alan - Germany
Today, I agreed to stay a week with my wife's parents, who she told me were traditional Japanese. I was prepared for having to wear Japanese clothes while in the house, but I wasn't prepared for communal bathing in the same huge bath with her father, grandfather, uncle and two brothers. FML
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By  nicmack95  |  16

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By  Xeebar  |  28

It's awkward for sure, but like the first commenter said, just try their traditions out. It'll show you respect their culture, respect being a HUGE thing in Japan.

By  shade34  |  19

oh come on!...Although I don't come from Germany, I live there, and you guys can take a bath naked at the swimming pool showers with other people being around! There is even the FKK "the naked beach" and you are complaining now?

By  qdawg06  |  23

Well a little family bonding time never hurts... Usually.