By Anonymous - 26/11/2014 19:41 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I agreed to give my husband head while he played Call of Duty. I was happy because he enjoyed it at first, until he started getting his ass kicked in the game. He lost and angrily blamed me for distracting him. FML
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Any man who gets angry over you giving him a ******* does not deserve a *******

That has surprisingly happened to me before, exact situation.


That has surprisingly happened to me before, exact situation.

I would like to be in exact situation ... Playing call of duty .. Reviving head ...

I second #11

This goes for 11 too, just get a gay guy to do it. Your not gonna be paying attention anyway, and he would love it.

I don't think #19's parents would enjoy that idea, considering he's 16.

Or nahhhh #29

#1: That's not only a bizarre and hilarious coincidence, but also a good first comment.

flowerpowergirl 10

I'm sorry but I would never give my bf a ******* while he is playing a video game.. either he wants to play or be intimate with me..

#75: Personally I wouldn't want receive a ******* while playing a video game--too distracting, and giving her my full sexual attention is more fun. I hate when the girl is only half-into it; why would I expect her to be okay with me being only half-into it?

16 is really not that young... there are thirteen-year-olds who engage in sexual activities.

That doesn't make it okay

I know it doesn't; I've always been extremely annoyed by it, but 16 is an acceptable age to lose one's virginity. It is the age of consent in most countries, after all.

I'd love to get head while playing xbox...

That's not a good thing

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Well guess we know what's gonna happen next time he asks for it

Any man who gets angry over you giving him a ******* does not deserve a *******

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Agreed. He should feel lucky she was willing to do so.

Not only willing but happy

Couldn't agree more. I've never been mad a woman for giving me head. I'd just be disappointed if it was a game she played and she didn't sit on my face to play the next round.

#59, couldn't agree more!

Unless they use teeth.

How low can you go, literally.

perfect comment.

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I ageee

Wow,I guess that situation sucked for everyone

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wish my wife would...

Obviously you were doing it right if he was distracted. I would lose a few rounds to get good head, what's his issue ?

Umm your husband needs to get his priorities in check.

You answered the call of duty....he did not. :)

His eyes may have been on the screen, but his head was elsewhere...

yea, in her mouth...

No. Up his ass kinda like yours :P

Of course, where else?