By Joe - / Tuesday 12 February 2019 20:00 / United States - Perryman
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By  maroongrad  |  13

Cats can be escape artists and very fast. Mine figured out how to unlock a deadbolt and open a door. And as a new cat owner you're not going to be used to the sneakiness and speed of a spooked cat. For now, the cat has very likely not gone far at all. Go knock on doors for about 4 or 5 houses in each direction and let them know your cat is missing. Put out some canned cat food by your door and wait to see what happens. You may need to get a live trap to catch your kitty, or put out a crate you can close when the cat is inside. Good luck!

  BEEEEES  |  15

Want to explain to me how this is reasonable and how cats are pets? My new pet shouldn't fly the fuck away soon as it's alone for a second. OP needs a better animal.

  Sinshine  |  25

"I want my money back. Nobody told me that cats run away if I don't close my door properly! What you want me to give you the cat back if I want my money? I want to speak with your manager!"

By  BEEEEES  |  15

Why the hell do people buy cats? They're barely domesticated, have little interest in being any kind of companion to you for generaly a few months to years, and will take literally ANY opportunity to waste your money destroying shit and/or just leave and never come back. I have a bearded dragon and it's more affectionate and intelligent than the cat my buddy has had for four years. You get a pet to have something to go home to that loves you, buy a pug or something next time.