By Anon - 12/01/2012 13:34 - Australia

Today, I actually took pleasure in sniffing my armpits after 2 days of not showering. FML
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intresting. i take joy in smelling myself after i shower

I've done that.


That kind of activity is not to be sniffed at.

What in God's name?...

I bet it smelled like roses!.......covered in shit.

B.O. - Cultivating a manly musk puts your opponents on notice. Yes, I realize it's a girl.

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"Today, my owner sniffed me. Pleasurably. I'm an armpit and i haven't been washed in two days. FML"

Just don't have any armpit sex and I think you'll be good.

My armpits smell like cheesesteak subs when I don't shower.

theten_fml 9

If I knew you I'd hose you down out in the yard!

So I'm guessing they always smell like that 89?

That's just fucking nasty

Getting high on your own aroma? Your livin the life.

I've done that.

genesisCCORE 3

Everyone have to admit that we did it atleast once in our lives.

It smell... beautiful....

Hmm.. The smell of hard work and victory.

*sniff*... Ahhhh!

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I enjoy it too! No joke!

Very strange but true

I totally did that the other day. No lie, my armpits smelled like some kind of Chinese chicken or something... Made me hungry...

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Me too. I like my smell... But, I'm weird...

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Back in me old country, armpit sniffing was used to determine the strongest male in the village, and subsequently: the right to mate. My advice is embrace the stench and wear it with pride! Who knows, maybe you'll attract a female!

What If OP isn't into girls..?

88 - OP is a girl. lol.

Take a shower and get out more. That is nasty. I hate this anti flood protection on here.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

....pleasure? Thats so gross. Lol.

But it smells so .... beautiful....

lebronesque73091 12

C'mon now, that's pretty sad.

Wait... Is that supposed to be wrong?? I smell my pitts all day, everyday, any day...

I hope op passed out when they did this.

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I'm sorry but that baby is crazy adorable

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Perfume de B.O.

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Did you know the eau de toilette is French for toilet water, but the literal translation is perfume.

@44 Actually the translation is parfum.

And Cologne is a town in Germany. Another fun fact is that many counterfeit perfums contain urine....helps to preserve them.

Some make up is made with bat guano. (bat poop)

Actually you got that backwards, the literal translation for eau de toilette is "water of toilette" and the general translation is "perfume." When you have a literal translation you take each word and translate it. So for example, "le livre de francais" is "the book of French" whereas the general translation would be "French book."

#44 Yes, but here "toilette" doesn't mean "toilet" as in where you go when you have an urging business to do. "La toilette" is old French for "washing yourself". "LE toilette" or "LES toilettes" would be the French for "toilets".

Actually, we say "la toilette" for "toilets" but otherwise, was you said is correct

122, I could argue with you but then we would both be wrong. I think a French person would know best how to speak French, no? After all, you guys are speaking their language, so you are allowed to make mistakes.

It's true that French from Belgium is slightly different sometimes. For me it would sound odd to hear "la toilette", as it's something that some old people in France would say. But French is always different depending where you are.

I am savouring this moment... Ok done. Being french, I can correct some of you :D Truth is, when talking about toilets, there's only the plural form in french ("les" or "aux toilettes") saying "la" or "le" toilette are both mistakes. As for the other meaning, "toilette" is still used today when talking about washing oneself, and can be used to mean arranging oneself as well (example: brushing hair, applying creams, etc.)

#179 Bonjour! I'm French, and I live in France. French from France, French Canadian, or Belgium French are sometimes different. Saying "le toilette" or "la toilette" are not incorrect, "le toilette" is the object (yes, we can also say "les toilettes"), and "la toilette" is cleaning yourself, as we said. But it's considered a bit old to say it, at least in France, but maybe not in Québec. Sorry to bother everyone on this thread with this!

sunsetsbetween56 3

182: I like you!!!!

intresting. i take joy in smelling myself after i shower

I like smelling you after you shower too;p I mean what?

I like smelling DURING the shower o.O

it would appear 155 just ruined that...

Mkbitch 2

Did you gag and finally showered afterwards?

I did after reading it!!!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

@ wrwrestler8 -> Here's another thing though - we've gone from being clean to completely masking our natural scents. Scent is just as important as other senses when it comes to attraction in humans, as we are just another animal after all. In fact, I remember reading that people who find each other's body odor at least tolerable or even slightly pleasant are more likely to be romantically compatible. Don't get me wrong, of course personal hygiene is important - it's just something to think about. Even more so because of the fact that in other countries (as in, not America), people generally don't shower as often, and manage to do so without any noticeable bad smell.

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What the fuck? That (43) was most definitely a reply to 18. Any chance of mods fixing it?

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God damn it, I meant 17. Arghh, the android app desperately needs an edit function!

I feel like i have learned more from FML comments then i have from any other app.

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What the hell?! Now the numbers changed! Sorry for all the posts but just to be clear, wrwrestler8 is who I'm replying to, and it would be awesome if somehow my post could magically teleport to its intended rightful place. *wink wink*

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Yay! Thank you!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

@ wrwrestler8 -> I'd just like to point out that you're all lucky you have access to and can afford clean water to shower with whenever you like as often as you like. Most of the world does not have that privilege. Also, while evolutionary science can explain many characteristics of our behavior even today, there is such a thing as taking it farther than intended by nature. And no, none of us have the authority to say where to draw the line. We can only think about it and discuss it. For example, from an evolutiony standpoint, men favor hourglass figures and ample breasts. But what have we taken this to today? Plastic surgery, exaggerating this to cartoonish proportions, which need I remind you, men still do enjoy more than they care to admit. Of course, the case of showering is a bit different, but I'm just reminding everyone to give it some thought. Just because men/women favored being popular, rich, charismatic etc. does not mean we can overlook the drawbacks.

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WTF? I replied to the same person again, and it ended up up here, again! *cries* M-m-m-mods? I don't mean to annoy you, but....

We've all got weird fetishes

Mine was so bad they couldn't even make it into a FML...

But if 2 people in the same room had the same wierd fetish... Wouldn't that make it normal?

That... Is.... Revolting... Take a shower