By screwed - 22/12/2010 17:56 - Canada

Today, I accidentally walked in on my roommate while she was changing clothes. She insisted on telling her boyfriend what had happened, because, "It wouldn't feel right" if she didn't. Her boyfriend is a MMA fighter/bodybuilder and has major jealousy issues. I'm screwed. FML
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If you can't outrun him, tell him your gay.

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Your roommate sounds like she is just looking for an excuse to start some drama.... or to see you physically hurt.


lol. I would love to see the end of that!

When he tries to start shit just grab his balls. He won't want to fight anymore

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#21. agree

*an MMA*. just because it doesnt start with a vowel doesnt mean you ignore it.

You might want to get a bat.

wait, dont you only get roommates the same gender as you? im rather confused. someone help me out? :s x

kassie makes me wish I lived in England;D

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Taze him, bro.

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my roommate is a guy. I don't live on a college campus, but in a house. not hard to figure out.

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Kassie must have thought that the original people were living in a dorm since they usually are separated by gender. I highly doubt that it was a dorm though.

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stop acting like a bitch all you got to do is tell him what happen urself and say sorry YDI

wow. it's not that i have a problem with grammar nazis, it's more when they incorrectly try to correct people which most of them do. the OP is correct in saying a MMA because MMA is not a term in itself, but an acronym. any modifying words (a, an, the, etc.) must be used if the acronym was spelled out; in this case it is a mixed martial arts. i know a MMA sounds weird, but it is correct

god damn i hate when grammar nazis incorrectly correct somebody. if your gonna point out mistakes don't point out the ones that don't exist. MMA is an acronym, so any modifying indefinate articles that come directly before it must be treated as if the acronym were spelled out. not only that, but the subject in the sentence is specific (the boyfriend who is a mixed martial arts fighter) so you would again us a instead of an. it may sound weird but it is still correct.

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First off.... don't let the guy grapple you.... second he may knwo all that MMA crap..... but nothign is greater then a gun to the shins ...... and btw i grappled with a MMA fighter... loser couldn't wrap his arms around me to do anything right until he got ahold of my torn ligament shoulder

^ you're my hero

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um... it's a MMA. a mixed martial artist not an mixed martial artist. don't fix what isn't broken.

Screw his girlfriend before he screws you...with a bunch of nails and a baseball bat.


Who cares about your fate. How big were her tits? It better have been worth your woody.

138 - correct. lol @ you fegs wrongly saying the right guy was wrong when he said the op was wrong.

Please get the fuck over yourself.

Girlie, since you seem to be new here, please let me give you a small piece of advice. When you decide to eviscerate someone on a long comment thread, make sure you direct it to a specific person. For example, you can say "#24, you're a complete blithering idiot and I hate you and your mother." Alternately, you can say, "DocBastard, I hate you, your comments, your dog, and your country of origin and all its citizens." As it stands now, we can't tell who it is that you abhor, and we're all anxious to find out who that person is. Please enlighten us. Thanks.

My apologies, Good Sir Pendatik. But I'm afraid you misunderstood my comment. The "we're all" was referring to all of us here in Equador (I recently had to move here from Namibia due to a regrettable incident involving Quite_Insane and Sirin, but *I* digress), not the FMLosphere. That was completely my fault for not making that clear.

#61, I hate to say this, but Paris is in France, not England...

Oh Pendatik, you silly, silly man. To those living abroad, it is indeed spelled "Ecuador." In the small village where I live, we spell it "Equador" *moves to Ecuatorial Guinea*

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If you are going to be a grammar nazi, be one for a correct reason. It all depends on pronunciation. If the OP thought out "Mixed Martial Arts" in his head as he wrote "MMA" just to be concise, wouldn't it be incorrect to say "He's an Mixed?" If one says "Em Em Ay" then it is "an Em." Quit being an asshole. You most likely won't read this again, but whatever.

Ok, why are a boy and a girl rooming together?

Some have mixed gender dorms.

start working out

If an MMA candidate starts some sh*t with you, just shoot the MF. It really is just that simple.

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it's a roomate no buggy that's like brothers fighting it's ok

skill>strength in mma

ufc is better than mma

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bennyboy ur fucking retarted UFC is MMA.

Kfc is better than ufc.

#169 - what the hell does kfc have to do with ufc ??? 0_o lol

agreed #169, Agreed.

is she hot?

ur creepy

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103 look who's talkin'.....typin' lol

lol and I was jokeing ( I'm not saying she's ugly lol) she's just not ma type ;)

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yes, you are

you whore !!!

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Blow him.

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As soon as you see him.... Arm bar!!! Arm bar!!! And when he taps out, tell him what happened.

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no use a flying armbar or a triangle

Actually, putting him to sleep would be better. Choke him out then run. It'll buy you some time.

go hide somewhere fast

just tell him you have better taste than that lol

If you can't outrun him, tell him your gay.

lol... totally.

truth that

good strategy.

then he will find himself on the bodybuilder bed which is better?

then he will find himself on the bodybuilder bed which is better?