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  Today, I accidentally walked in on my dad as he was getting changed. Now I know genetics can be a real bitch. With such a massive difference in size, I have to question whether I'm even biologically related to this old three-legged git. FML
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  okokalright  |  15

Yeah, and you really don't even need it at all. Using your hands and mouth won't tire you out and you can make a girl orgasm over and over and over rather then cum and fall asleep after 30 minutes or less

  Mauskau  |  35

This is true, you could have the most perfectly sized dick in the world but you'll only last 2 minutes and not want to do anything else for a while. Satisfying both people > just one being satisfied.

  milehigh52  |  22

#3 I hate when people say that, without actually knowing OP's size, that's not true. That saying would only be true if he is around averaged sized. But if OP is well below average than he has a fat chance of being able to actually satisfy his significant other. Fuck your life OP. In the words of Channing Tatum, “Fuck Science!”

  MonstreBelle  |  28

35- Uh, just straight up PIV intercourse isn't the only way a man can satisfy a woman. In fact, most women can't orgasm from intercourse alone. Oral, using your hands, using sex toys, etc. can not only be satisfying, but much more satisfying than intercourse. My boyfriend is on the small size, but our sex life is fantastic. I have never been anything but completely satisfied with him.

  jtfrisch  |  22

Size doesn't matter until you have size and then girls open up to you about it actually mattering? but that's just like a fair amount of girls...just like with every person, preferences are different. I've never had sex, as you can easily tell. Boom. Good day sirs and sirets.

  Mortoli  |  30

too true. my size not average and everytime i read size doesnt matter i immediately think it will when she leaves you for a horse guy lol. sry but us small guys with or without. technique just not that lucky when it comes to pleasing a woman. I worry ill get cheated on if i get a girl cause i already know it'll happen. i dont have enough experience to have techniques lol.

  Mrtigerblue  |  14

#132 atleast the gspot and most of the girls nerve endings are close to the opening I believe the gspot goes to about 3in, so unless you have a micro penis you're probably okay. girth matters more than length. and as stated above a lot of girls can't orgasm from vaginal sex alone without clitoral stimulation of some kind

  Steve7910  |  6

If your hitting the g spot with your dick then size isn't what you need to be worried about, because it means your dick is shaped something close to a horseshoe

By  nonsensical  |  26

Bigger isn't always better!

By  Tyrez  |  32

Why did you look at it!?! Anyway, I'm sure if your willy doesn't do the trick there are always other ways to make your partner "happy."

  MonstreBelle  |  28

It definitely can be painful if a penis (or toy) is long enough to hit the cervix. Vaginal canals aren't very deep.They are about 3-5 inches when women aren't aroused and 5-7 inches when they are. So keep that in mind OP.

  Jesmassimo  |  21

I agree, I think men are always under the impression that women want a insanely endowed man. Well 1. That can definitely be painful depending on the position 2. Women don't (well most women) want to have sex for hours, newsflash it freaking hurts after a couple hours. Lol

  Allornone  |  35

bigger can be a problem in other areas too. I love giving oral, but I have kind of a small mouth. It's actually a good thing with normal sized guys, but if i can't get my mouth around you, well, that can be a problem. Someone too big could never benefit from my skills.