By Anonymous - 26/12/2014 05:39 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, I accidentally texted my mother instead of my drug dealer. FML
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You: I got 60 bucks, that's enough for three grams, right? Mom: Three grams what, sweetie? You: Three grams of kisses and a cup of love, Mom

You deserve it OP. I hope your mom gets you help to stop your drug use.


Well, how is that a FML.... You really deserve it and i guess you know your resolution for 2015.

You deserve it OP. I hope your mom gets you help to stop your drug use.

I think no one is asking the bigger question - You TEXT your drug dealer?? O.o Do you realise how easy it would be to trace you?

#35 OP could have been somewhere where they couldn't call.

Who says he needs to stop? I for one use marijuana and I text the person that I get it from. Even though it's legal where I live there's still a lot of taboo surrounding it so it would still suck if I texted my mom instead of my dealer.

35 - if its pot, no cop is going to waste their time tracking down a buyer, unless they buy very large amounts... its the dealers they want

When you can't even take notice of the gender symbol and comment accordingly, the rest of your argument kinda loses all credibility. Juuuuuuuuuust saying.

54 - saying "he" is sort of a default gender to refer to. like how we say mankind, policeman and just simply man when refering to humans when gender isnt looked at closly..

If it's marijuana, then she shouldn't have to stop. Nothing wrong with pot.

why does it matter if op is a girl anyways? it has no effect on the fml in any way.

It doesn't have any relevance, just a simple observation.

its an useless observation none the less which has no affect on the FML.

@36.. your pic is too much!!! haha I love it!!

For a twenty three year old, that was a pretty immature move.

OP didn't say anything about marijuana, he could be a crack head,

*a useless you pronounce it in your head

You: I got 60 bucks, that's enough for three grams, right? Mom: Three grams what, sweetie? You: Three grams of kisses and a cup of love, Mom

Who tf buys 3 grams for $60?

depends what you're getting

yeah sixty bucks buys at least 30 grams where I'm from

he was just explaining it. and it could be something other than weed.

Who spends $20 a G?

Middle schoolers

$60 would be an eighth where I'm from. You would indeed be a special kind of stupid to ask for three separate grams instead.

41- You'd be surprised. In my side of Maryland, weed costs between $20-25 per gram. One county down it's half the price. Uhhh- not like I would know.

$60 was 6.5 of some good bud forgot the name

half decent weed is really expensive in so southern california, sometimes almost $30 a gram. this kind of reminds me of in middle school my dumbass friend bought a gram of oregano for $20 thinking it was weed

Literally the best comment I've ever read.

Or here in Australia Me : I got 60 bucks, that's enough for 1/5 gram, right? ... F our lives

You forgot the name because you are a druggo

Did she at least give you the drugs you wanted, I mean it is the giving season

If you're that careless to send a text requesting drugs to your mom, then I'm sure you aren't that slick in real life. For your sake I hope you were really vague in the text you sent.

This reminds me of the guy who got out of jail then accidentally texted his probation officer "Got any weed?"

I bet you can't wait for the next time you see her...

Well, about that text message to your mother about sniffing crack, you could either tell her the truth and and say it was supposed to be to your drug dealer, or you could lie and say it was to your girlfriend and that your into some fucking, weird fetishes.

you do not insufflate crack.

Then I guess I've been doing it wrong all these years. Now I guess it is even worse for my health.

"Can I get some Khat?" "Sure son, I just put her in the oven"

This is not a FML ... YDI and i guess your know what your resolution will be for 2015.

But #2 what if it's not something serious? What if it's just marijuana?

I do feel marijuana is a serious drug. I have personal experience with it and many people close to me have had their lives ruined by the "harmless" drug.

Marijuana is only harmful if someone is stupid enough to let it ruin their lives. I've had PLENTY of personal experience with it and I can say that it's not a harmful drug. Which could be why it's slowly being legalized all across the U.S.

i agree with you both. i do know people who let it ruin their lives, but when i used to smoke, i was very careful. i did not drive anywhere (still nail you for dui) i was with safe people and stayed at the house. nothing bad ever happened to me.

Any mind altering drug is bad. The only marijuana that is useful is the strains that have the mind altering chemical levels at almost non existant, and then only if you have a serious need for it.

All drugs are serious drugs you dip shit and no one should do any of them.

What ever happened to personal responsibility? My girlfriends dad smokes pot and hasnt had a job in 3 years and isnt getting one anytime soon. My dad smokes pot and hes gone 8 years straight unemployed and was only unemployed for a few months.