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Today, I accidentally sprayed some perfume in my eye. After rinsing said burning eye with water for a few minutes, I half-blindly grabbed the eyedrops my sister left on the counter and used some. They were actually tea tree oil drops. Ouch. FML
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Blindly grabbing things without two working eyes is never a good idea.

perdix 29

She blinded me with . . . stupidity.


Blindly grabbing things without two working eyes is never a good idea.

Depends what you're doing ;)

Dirty boy Jezane.

Snackycake 20

#8-Still sounds terrifying if you think about it, like you go to grab the lube and accidently (sp?)grab the hot coffee that has spontaneously appeared beside your bed.

...or the hot curling irons...

Tea tree oil is actually very painful even on skin if concentrated enough. I can't even imagine what getting it in an eye would feel like.

21 you're 14. What do you know about grabbing the lube.?

With_Love929 3

Oh damn i hope you'll be able to see out of it after that. You should seriously go to the eye doctor or emergency room. And even though #21's only 14 maybe she doesn't know control. I'm also 14 but i know boundaries.

And that's why I can never go back to sea world...

Snackycake 20

#21-Oh God don't worry I'm a virgin, I'm just saying sounds painful....

Hi lady in my closet

choochee77 0

That would suck if you had grabbed the perfume again

What are the chances of her just coincidentally leaving eyedrops there lol, either way you should've checked

The same chances of her leaving eye drops there.

Remember, perfume should be kept at arms length before spraying.

suxx4uu 0

Or you spray it in front of you, and WALK into it

cajekraze 7

Also perfume is not to blanket yourself. it should mainly be used at the neck, forearms are okay at the inner fold of the elbow, and a light spritz of your body. This allows it to mix with your own scent and is activated by your body heat. overscenting is trashy even if you're only 13

chellytiger 12

3 My question is why did she have it anywhere near face in the first place.

Spray, delay, walk away lol :P

Well... Idk. Maybe she's new to this whole "not smelling like crap concept"

bigtaytay 13

Ouch is right. Bad start to the day

Your picture is a disgrace! Where's funny man and kurlzz?! How dare you.

charlesPscene 4

Fuck those guys.

bigtaytay 13

That was all that could fit in U have nothing better to do than bash other people's pics?

tinkrocks98 6

I don't know why People are thumbing you down . I agree with you ..

perdix 29

She blinded me with . . . stupidity.

Your comment is almost . . . "poetry in motion".

Inheritance 10

She blinded me with . . . amusement..

Once My friends little sister accidentally sprayed parfume in My eye, i know the pain.

Revan501 15


Parfume is correct actually.

Yeah, if you're speaking DANISH.

Well thanks for correcting me, i am not that good in english obviously

54- Or French. Or, English. Why does a bottle of perfume, otherwise all in English have "Eau du Parfum" on it? It's a French to English word.

pcentral 17

I bet your eyes look really sexy right about now.

And smell fabulous!!

AClassActx3 7

Not after that tea oil. Tea oil SMELLS.

Tea tree oil has a distinct smell. How did OP miss it when she opened it?

Someone'll be squinting the whole day. Fyl!

Who the fuck has tea tree oil drops in the first place?

kittykat72 4

A lot of people! Only people who like tea!!!

lottievaughn 5

Really? Exactly, loads of people. Tea tree oil has tons of beneficial uses. It can be used as to help ease a cold or sinus issues (in a vaporizer or like Vicks vapor rub), can be applied to cuts or burns to help heel them and keep them clean..can be used as an astringent for acne or blemishes...and I'm pretty sure you can even clean your house with it. Tea tree oil was my mom's sidekick when I was growing up. :) Oh, and it has nothing to do with tea that you drink. ;) BUT what I don't understand is how you confuse a plastic bottle of eye drops with a little glass bottle of tea tree oil. Couldn't they smell the difference?! Tea tree oil is rather potent.

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