By Anonymous - United States - Yucaipa
Today, I accidentally sprayed some perfume in my eye. After rinsing said burning eye with water for a few minutes, I half-blindly grabbed the eyedrops my sister left on the counter and used some. They were actually tea tree oil drops. Ouch. FML
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  Snackycake  |  20

#8-Still sounds terrifying if you think about it, like you go to grab the lube and accidently (sp?)grab the hot coffee that has spontaneously appeared beside your bed.

  Harpy20  |  24

Tea tree oil is actually very painful even on skin if concentrated enough. I can't even imagine what getting it in an eye would feel like.

  With_Love929  |  3

Oh damn i hope you'll be able to see out of it after that. You should seriously go to the eye doctor or emergency room. And even though #21's only 14 maybe she doesn't know control. I'm also 14 but i know boundaries.

  cajekraze  |  7

Also perfume is not to blanket yourself. it should mainly be used at the neck, forearms are okay at the inner fold of the elbow, and a light spritz of your body. This allows it to mix with your own scent and is activated by your body heat. overscenting is trashy even if you're only 13

  lottievaughn  |  5

Really? Exactly, loads of people. Tea tree oil has tons of beneficial uses. It can be used as to help ease a cold or sinus issues (in a vaporizer or like Vicks vapor rub), can be applied to cuts or burns to help heel them and keep them clean..can be used as an astringent for acne or blemishes...and I'm pretty sure you can even clean your house with it. Tea tree oil was my mom's sidekick when I was growing up. :)

Oh, and it has nothing to do with tea that you drink. ;)

BUT what I don't understand is how you confuse a plastic bottle of eye drops with a little glass bottle of tea tree oil. Couldn't they smell the difference?! Tea tree oil is rather potent.