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Today, I accidentally set my hair on fire while lighting a cigarette. I panicked and put it out by slapping myself in the face. FML
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YDI for lighting your hair on fire then panicking and slapping yourself in the face.

Exactly. Smokers deserve to be smacking themselves in the face. What they're doing to themselves harm them alot more than spanking themselves anyways. You would be a moron to take up smoking these days knowing it's consequences. Not hating on long term addicted people, just saying people who take up smoking knowing the consequences are ******* dumb.

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smoking rocks! if you don't smoke start smoking now or your loosing a lot..

It's called natural selection, and good news is you passed for now. Remember wait for the green man before you cross.

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22, it's not natural selection because smokers can generally manage to reproduce before they kick off, leaving their genes in the gene pool, unfortunately.

Nice to know you have an opinion on the matter! Yes we smokers know the consequences but we don't care because we love to smoke and that is our choice so don't preach like your God k trust me if you ever had a cig you might like it! And we don't thing about the consequences when we light up we give into to our nicotine fix because it's feels so GOOD so don't knock something before you try it k

46: I have tried a cigarette out of curiosity. it tasted like shut, I hacked like crazy, and I got a really dirty head rush that almost made me fall over. It wasn't a good "high" head rush though, a bad one. So I can knock it lol. That being said though, I really don't card if you smoke, it's not my problem, you made your choice. just like I choose to smoke weed. many people would knock me for smoking weed, but like you said: don't knock it till you try it.

I agree, don't knock it till you try it, I learned in school that it takes approximately 3 cigarettes to become addicted, which could explain why the person above me didn't like it the first time

Aquariusangel, I just want to make sure I have your argument straight. Smoking is ok because: -it feels good -you don't think about the consequences, you just want your fix Is that about right? It sounds like an argument for heroin, too. Are you for that as well? I've never tried it, and I don't need to. I know way too much about how smoking kills to try it. That whole "don't knock it until you've tried it" is asinine.

who the hell are any of you to judge someone else's choice to smoke?

75, that does sound like a good argument for heroin! Where have you been all my life? Well, better late than never!

John Scrosh - I'm Doc. That's who I am. And I take care of smokers for a living, and they are all slowly killing themselves. That's who the hell I am. Who are you?

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hey doc, as a doctor isn't it you're job strictly to treat and not to judge someone? I mean, you couldn't not treat someone who overdosed just because you feel they deserve it. therefore I see you argument as invalid and in no way, checkmate.

doc, you're complaining because you have to do the job you are paid to do? do you also give alcoholics with bad livers a hard time?

Thatonename - No where is it ever stated that doctors have to just treat and not judge. You really think I'm going to let my patients just do suicidal things without calling them out on it? Ha! Hell no. If one of my patients does something stupid, you better believe I'm going to tell them. And guess what? Unlike you immature little brats, they're actually appreciative that I'm trying to help them. John_scrosh - Yes, I give alcoholics a hard time too, especially the ones who drink and drive. Why? Because my wife drives my two children around on the same roads they do, and they put them at risk of dying. Any other stupid questions?

75 your an idiot I was talking about cigs NOT heroion that's how I feel about it and I meant that for people who smoked not some dumbass who thinks I'm talking about drugs! And I agree about weed lol but I don't smoke anymore! And thank you for your response atleast you were nice about it! Yes it's not for everyone but I like it so O WELL

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9, you are basically calling every smoker dumb because I'm 99.9% sure everyone smoking knows what the consequences are. yes, even if you are a minor like myself (I don't smoke) because they've been teaching me this since the 3rd grade.

i guess there aren't a lot of smokers in FML then.

I'm still not to sure how warning patients of suicidal behavior is the same as judging, but whatever you say doc. p.s. you had a few mistakes in your last post, which for someone like you who used to be border-line grammar nazi is rather funny.

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Oh lord..where to start? 129 first of all, it's you're. Don't go around calling others idiots when you can't comprehend the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. Also, I'm fairly certain Doc knew you were talking about cigs. However, your argument could be applied to ANY other drug. That's where the heroin comes in. Get it? *facepalm*

I am a smoker (since I was 12) and I am also an addict in recovery (heroin/meth). I can honestly say that I wish I never would've started smoking OR doing drugs. Both are habits that can and WILL destroy your life. If you can make it through life without trying either, then DO IT.

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I'm not stupid enough to try because I know that it has addictive substances that will make want more and **** my life, my lungs and other people's life by being passive smokers

that's why people say don't smoke you might get your hair on fire and you end up slapping yourself it isnt healthy to hit yourself...

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wow only if I knew that!!!!

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and 49 your only saying that to convince yourself your not doing anything wrong when you really are.

That's exactly what you get for smoking!

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well you already facepalmed so you have that

there's no use trying to argue with doc children. he will hand your ass to you ass well as the pole that's stuck up it

big deal peoples smoke that there choice so let them deal with the consequences no need to hate just cuz it's bad for you and Doc doctors just tell patients what there choices are for a healthier life not judge or hate on them ... that's wrong

calm the hell down this is fml not some english class

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been there. done that. disgusting.

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@114 youre thinking of priests. doctors can judge you, they just cant refuse you treatment or neglect you because of that judgement. what a ridiculous thing to say, that because someone is a doctor theyre not allowed to judge the actions of people that may affect their health. are you his patient? no? then shut the **** up. @117 thats right, people will openly bitch about the factors of their jobs that are annoying. funnily enough, doctors do it too. by the way, his hand was forced, dont now bitch because he pointed out his position when it was requested. and again, youre not his patient, legally and ethically he can tell you exactly what he thinks of smoking. if you want someone to be nicer to you and pretend youre not doing something stupid, you might want to give your mother a call.

Hit the wrong button you didn't deserve that. And non smokers need to lighten up.

who the hell are you to judge us to judge anyone else's choice of smoking.

Burn! Get it? Yes? No, bad pun? Sorry.

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it actually made me laugh

I bet she was smokin' hot. OK I think my pun was just as bad as yours.

I just imagined OP to be someone with an Afro that caught on fire listening to "burn baby burn disco inferno!"

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haha lol, that was actually really Funny

No you herp derpin person, her hair from her head. I'm assuming its long.It could've need her eyebrows maybe.

dumbass.. op = female. female often have long hair. people usually smoke outside now a days. wind + long hair = problem!!! figured it out yet??

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Maybe it was the hair on her ******. I actually saw this stripper who could stick a cigarette in her vag and blow smoke rings...

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I see what you did there.

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you should have kept this story a cigarette.

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I still don't get it.....

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WoW not only are you dumb but really stupid too.

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you really put it to the OP with this comment! beat trash talker if I've ever seen one.

It is what it is. I'll know it when I know it, and you'll get there when you get there. Oh sorry, I thought we were all just spouting meaningless tautologies. (and yes, putting "meaningless" in front if it is redundant, too....zing!)