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How did you manage to miss that one?

I can't figure out a single way in which you don't deserve this. I hope you got pulled over and ticketed.


get some glasses

How did you manage to miss that one?

It wasn't a miss. TEN POINTS!

Probably too busy trying to text, or some other similarly stupid shit.

50 points if you hit the pig too :)

Sometimes if you make the same drive daily you go in a sort of autopilot...and if something is requiring a traffic cop it may be a festival or something (I.e temporary) and op just wasn't used to stopping there. Can't say I've done it, but come close, yes.

Open your eyes, stupid! Lol.

Accidentally means it wasn't really OP's fold.

Except it was.

YDI how could you not see that??

From experience, I know that all sorts of things magically pop up while you're driving. I think it's because my car is a wizard though. He makes poles and trees come out of thin air all the time! Or maybe it was that hit of LSD I took before I went on a drive..either way, my car is a wizard.

I can't figure out a single way in which you don't deserve this. I hope you got pulled over and ticketed.

In OP's defense, they did say it was an accident. It's not like OP was like "Fuck the police" and ran the cop over.

Accident or not op should be paying attention to the road. how do you miss a big red octagon in a police officers hand? Honestly if op misses something that obvious I am scared what else they may miss, such as a small child...

66, the OP failed geometry. He can recognize a pentagon but anything more than five sides and things get fuzzy. As for hitting children think how many sides a pedestrian crossing sign has.

Not all children use the pedestrian crossing though, and they definitely are more complex than a pentagon.

then i doubt he pulled you over.

Its okay the ones with the white outlines are "optional".

I don't want to sound stupid. But. For real ?!?! 0.o or you being sarcastic ? Lol

It's sarcasm, a STOP sign always means 'come to a complete halt and look all ways before proceeding' or something very similar.

I totally thought of that the instant I read it!

grayness, I'm referencing another FML.

It was a reference to an old, and funny, FML. Good job!

blame it on the car breaks , it seems to work now days

Well at least he was on foot and couldn't chase you down and ticket you for being a dumbass!

Ah shit. Hopefully OP was speeding fast enough so he couldn't read the plate then.

hopefully op was speeding well not paying attention? I personally wouldn't hope for that, sounds like a bad mix.

Personally I hope he got caught