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  MikeonFML  |  17

Sometimes if you make the same drive daily you go in a sort of autopilot...and if something is requiring a traffic cop it may be a festival or something (I.e temporary) and op just wasn't used to stopping there.

Can't say I've done it, but come close, yes.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

From experience, I know that all sorts of things magically pop up while you're driving. I think it's because my car is a wizard though. He makes poles and trees come out of thin air all the time! Or maybe it was that hit of LSD I took before I went on a drive..either way, my car is a wizard.


Accident or not op should be paying attention to the road. how do you miss a big red octagon in a police officers hand? Honestly if op misses something that obvious I am scared what else they may miss, such as a small child...

  Noremac42  |  8

66, the OP failed geometry. He can recognize a pentagon but anything more than five sides and things get fuzzy. As for hitting children think how many sides a pedestrian crossing sign has.