By AshWil - 26/06/2015 16:54 - United States - Washington

Today, I accidentally posted an extensive, negative review of the gynecologist I visited earlier this week. I messed up and posted it from my work's customer service email, so now it looks like the large, well-known company I work for had a poor gynecological experience. FML
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KeannaLove 32

Never EVER post stuff like from your work computer. You never know when it will link to you work email.

No doctor can solve your new problem.


Hope you boss doesn't find out

No doctor can solve your new problem.

I'm curious what the problem was that merited the visit and the review. Looks like OP already responded on another comment, but hopefully we get more details as well. When she wrote extensive, I imagined her including the reason for the check up as well.

I don't think that really matters 24

CrossEyedSniper1 18

Yikes, sorry to hear that. good luck fixing that, FYL.

KeannaLove 32

Never EVER post stuff like from your work computer. You never know when it will link to you work email.

mds9986 24

Wouldn't you have to create an account with the email (and then even verify the address by clicking a verification link sent to the email)? I feel like OP had too many chances to go back on this for me not to click YDI.

I'd be more worried about someone looking back at my usage and noticing I'm reviewing a gynecologist.

Not to mention that most big companies have an IT department, and that everyone in the IT department is able to see exactly what you're doing on your computer.

theoldman 22

The big company was having their time of the month.

Enough with the vagina jokes, period.

I was going to make an anal joke, butt fuck it. That's literally what you both sound like.

FMLusername969 21

#27. Now THAT was FUNNY! ?

praesidiem 16

#27, how do you know how they sound, if they've only typed something?

#5. Possibly some sand in there too.

and a reply button, too

praesidiem 16

I'm glad there isn't a reply button in most vagina's. "I haven't cum yet" *no reply button, can't reply*

You can claim that a testicle test drive was organized by your company which ended up being a poor experience... All the best for any further confrontation

Steve97 32

I bet the gynecologist is going to regret giving you poor service now though :p

Let's hope your company has a sense of humor.

Well at least everyone at your company knows you're safe? Getting check ups and all..

FMLusername969 21

Ehhhh...don't think they care.