By anonymous / Sunday 2 June 2013 05:20 / United States - Yorktown Heights
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  AngrySailor  |  17

That would have been wise even if op's car hadn't been vandalized. The other driver may not have had insurance. I'm not sure how the law works in op's state, but it's illegal to not have coverage where I am.
Hindsight can be a real bitch.

By  coried91  |  28

I'm wondering how much damage was done to their car to get them that worked up about it. Either way that's a really messed up move. Call the cops and let them deal with the situation.

  thisismyrifle  |  2

not really unless its a land line, cell phones don't trace out unless u have phone company access, and even then when they triangulate the signal it only gives u a few block radius not a pinpoint location, unless u tap the GPS chip all phones have

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