By buttfingers - United States - Houston
Today, I accidentally edged over the speed limit and got pulled over. The officer asked me if I knew why he'd pulled me over. Before I could say something diplomatic, my dad said from the passenger seat: "Because you're a prick in fancy dress?" I got ticketed. FML
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  Utetopia2014  |  18

If this had been in Australia, the cop would have told the father to be quiet, and given her a ticket anyway for going over the limit. Very very rarely do cops let people off with a warning nowadays (in Melbourne, anyway), especially when going to the trouble of chasing them down and pulling them over. In fact, when it comes to speeding and mobile phone use, there's no tolerance. In Australia (Victoria), the tolerance for speeding (3km) is lower than the allowable manufacturing tolerance of your actual speedometer (10% - although your speedometer must always read below your true speed).

Basically, what I'm saying is, she would have got the ticket anyway, regardless of what her father said.

  mds9986  |  24

If you have a cop that's a douchebag enough to pull someone over for edging over the speed limit he was going to give a ticket anyway regardless of what his dad said.

  kuzzy00  |  22

So true about Australia. It's getting that way in New Zealand too. 50kph limit, and previously you could do 9kph over the limit - 59kmph. In holiday seasons, the limit is 4k over (54kmph) max.
Australia is very strict for their mobile phones etc and you're totally right about cope there and zero tolerance. In fact, you guys stream a TV show here about it lol. Get to see everyone try to talk their way out of it. And holy crap your fines are HUGE!! In New Zealand, I'd get $80-200 fine for doing 15kmph over, but in Aussie you'll hey $400-600. It's crazy !

  WolfyZero  |  8

Well either way he was pulled over for a reason, just because you are cooperative (which you should be) that doesn't mean you are going to get off the hook. That really sucks though for the op, I would have had to hurt my father if he
did that xD

By  fulminedio  |  3

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  Kitsune_Tearz  |  11

it depends on where you are what the limit is. some places 1-2 km over can get a ticket, other places follow the 10% rule (you can go up to 10% over the speed limit before they will give a ticket) and some places use a 10km rule (you can go 10km over before being ticketed)... heck some places just use flow of traffic to decide.... basically if you aren't speeding through traffic, just staying level with them, you won't get ticketed even if everyone is going 20km over....

  BoxFullOfLazy  |  25

In Texas there are 80mph toll roads linking cities out in the middle of the state, but most freeways here max out at 65. There are some 70 and 75 mph areas, but they're the exception.