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  derangedplanet  |  23

Not necessarily. many phones, especially Samsungs, come with cloud storage back ups to keep these things from happening. there were like three thst came downloaded into my phone and mines a galaxy s4. so not super up to date even. several times a day it will immediately back up any new pictures to my Google drive all because I must have consented to it at some point. truth is most people's phones do this now days. so beware for your nudes people. not as easy to get rid of as they appear. ;)

  Mauskau  |  35

38, not everyone wants their battery drained and their photos uploaded. You can get software called Recuva which will restore data from memory cards etc as long as that data location hasn't already been overwritten.

  fabs1171  |  23

Recuva works brilliantly - I'd managed to delete 800 photos from my memory card - all back using Recuva (as well as all my previously deleted photos)

By  bwoolf96  |  21

Nowadays most phones tend to have a 'deleted photos' folder. Most of my friends don't know that either and you can find all sorts of hidden gems in there!