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Now crash your Uncles car into your Aunts car.

I don't think you're getting a car as a graduation gift anymore...


Well at least it wasn't yours?

I think it's worse when it's someone else's.

Yeah I agree with #11. It's worse to damage something that doesn't belong to you.

Oh thank God you agreed #16, we were all VERY concerned with how you felt.

Don't have to be such a shit head #32. If you didn't think her comment/opinion was important, what makes you think yours was? Nobody wants to read your negative responses so hop the fuck off. On a lighter note.... As long as you are covered under their insurance you'll be good. Just look at is as a car will always be replaceable, you on the other hand are not. So I'm sure they are upset with their cars , but I would assume they are glad you are okay.

This post should be 100% your fault. It sucks, but you're old enough to take responsibility for yourself.

How do u know she's old enough?

Because legal driving age. Even if OP is under, that just makes it all the more worse

That's a selfish way of thinking #1. Hope you pay for the damages to both so their insurance doesn't take a hit due to claims.

Obviously my second sentence is for the OP. Sorry about that.

Oh thank God you commented on my comment #37, i'm sure everyone just loved it VERY much.

At least you know the other person has insurance. Unfortunately, you won't be driving ever again.

Now crash your Uncles car into your Aunts car.

then swap all their insurances.

Congrats, you just caused your parents to divorce...

At least OP didn't crash their parents car into a bridge and run off screaming "I don't care!"

Bonus points: aunt's car on one side of the family, uncle's car from the other side of the family. (For example, mother's brother, father's sister.)

Now crash your brother's car into your sister's car!

Who gets a car for a graduation gift ? Lol

#82 are you serious?! o_0

As long as no one was hurt... I mean soon you might be...

I don't think you're getting a car as a graduation gift anymore...

You should probably stop driving.

Been there, done that... Except it was the other way around

Keep going, you might be able to create a five-family-member-pileup.

Can you drive legally?

Maybe but by the post most likely not

I certainly hope they DON'T have a license.

is no where in the states experiencing bad winter weather conditions? no reason was given, so everyone assumes the op cant drive, if this post was from where i live then it wouldnt be a surprise this happened, like maybe the driveway froze to ice on their way home... just saying.

I mean, at least no one was hurt.

Well... Yet anyway...