By pathetic_girl - 14/10/2010 14:45 - Canada

Today, I accidentally admitted to two girls in my first year university astronomy class that I have a strict 10pm bedtime. FML
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There's nothing wrong with going to bed early.(:

hopefully you go to a big school and you'll have more to choose from


what the hell? I didn't say that! Crikey!

15 - It's so ironic that you made a mistake considering that you think spelling errors are funny and sad at the sane time :) lol

and it's same, not sane. I find that ironic too lol

How is this a FML? Mine is 10:20pn sharp. and I get up at 5:50am sharp.


Wow, you guys all failed. XD

58: Unless you know something that I don't, his comment just got moderated. He didn't get banned.

41 - I spy with my little eye, something spelled horribly wrong...haha

why comments dissapear

33 - Noooo....correction fail ;(

hopefully you go to a big school and you'll have more to choose from

Don't be afraid it's only pussy

^ Says the owl.

20 OP is a dude

Erm, op is a girl.

55 what are you doing to your dog you dirty hamster... btw didn't know op was female maybe she has a fetish for wetting the bed wear a diaper

Hey, sometimes the girls wanna get a girl too. But it would still be embarrassing for a potential friend to know about a bedtime.

If she's attractive, then her bedtime is cute; if she's unattractive, it's weird.

There's nothing wrong with going to bed early.(:

Beside the fact you miss all the fun. They really shouldn't judge him negatively though. It's not like he's being forced to or something. Now that would be lame.

I wish I could be in bed before ten every night. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sleep. I don't think fun is limited to the late hours of the night.

It's nothing to be ashamed at! jk, it's pretty bad ._.

BAD GRAMMER ALERT! It should be "nothing to be ashamed OF"

I like how most of the people who are grammar Nazi's can't spell grammar...

#74 Not most of them, only some of them.

74: If you can't spell it, you're not really a Grammar Nazi.

faggot alam on ya ass natzi,shit y'all pepole piss me off n by da way I have auto correct on my iPod I rite like this to piss u off,usualy I write like a normal person

#83 "Faggot alarm?" Oh good grief. :P

I'm tired of all the grammar Nazis

#90 I'm tired of all the rampant illiteracy. :)

#92 Me too. Oh, crap. What?

grammar nazi him until he disides to quit

You used an extra apostrophe there. It's spelled Nazis.

correction! sexy duck face

Correction, butterface. Tons of makeup does not equal sexy.

and yet..... I think she's gorgeous

hey gorgeous(;

How do you accidentally admit that? Are you afraid of pussy?

Aw nvm you're a girl:/

Lmao, I just saw that too.


it's a girl dumbass

I know dummy!

next time you see them ask them if they wanna tuck you in and read you bed time story

FYI, OP: your "strict" 10pm bedtime isn't going to last very long. You're in college now.

oh yeah...for your information. not a typo of fml and ydi. :P

#27, In America University and College are the same thing

awwww poor baby :'(((((

How's that a fail? If someone said that to me I'd reply "I wish I could fall asleep that early". it's no big deal.

I left a reply on comment #12, which is now gone and my reply went to 11. So now it makes no sense at all.