By rewarded - 20/10/2010 14:33 - India

Today, for the second time in 5 months I was recognized for my hard work, sincerity and all the adjectives that they use to describe good employees. What was my reward? A piece of chocolate. FML
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exactly. recognition is your reward. let your work go unnoticed and see if you are still ungrateful.


exactly. recognition is your reward. let your work go unnoticed and see if you are still ungrateful.

and a boost of confidence. thats pretty good op. I guess ydi?

was it a baby Ruth? heeeeey u guys!

at least they gave you something? self-achievement is good enough a reward and what else you got? praises and chocolate

I would have been super happy cuz I love chocolate!!!!

Maybe OP has chocolate. Maybe it gives her diarrhea 

there are starving children in Africa that would kill for that piece of chocolate and you're posting and fml out of it? at least your hard work even got recognized. shame on you sir.

I think he's saying he's hard working, but it doesn't realtor pay off in India 

Quit your bitchin'. Chocolate is the best (:

56 - I sincerely hope you're trolling, because the "there are starving children in Africa" card has no meaning any more. Besides, I don't think the boss would have given that piece of chocolate to starving children in Africa if the OP didn't want it.

don't ever take my comments too seriously, I'm always trolling :)

91, chocolate killed my mother. haha jk but I wish it did

quit your bitchin. you did awesome, and they recognized it. be happy,

You selfish little prick, be thankful that you got anything at all. Your boss shouldn't have to reward you for doing your job, what you are already getting payed for asshole.

id rather b paid in gum trident layers ftw

Erm are you a dog

Are you a bat?

dogs can't eat chocolate

He wasn't insinuating to give a dog chocolate. He was comparing giving OP chocolate to giving a dog a treat. ... good boy OP, good boy! beg for a raise, go on!

i something that chicks beg about, bow chica wowow

Right? I think of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.

haha sucks for you:) funny though.

Use your own adjectives to describe THEM. Make them negative.

Good job on the veggie slicing station! Keep up the good work, and maybe you'll be promoted to French fries!

I love chocolate!! I would do anything for a piece of chocolate! omg is there anyone who has chocolate? MMM YUMMY

Chocolate is pretty awesome.

I love itt! :))

Are you that crazy chocolate loving fish from Spongebob? CHOCOLATE!!!! Originally meant for #12, but he got moderated. However, this comment works here too.

unfortunately not but I like everything about chocolate :)

Which one's your favorite: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate? :? And favorite chocolate bar or candy?

Have you ever had a Zero bar? It's the BEST CHOCOLATE BAR EVER!!! But it's not as good as truffles. Truffles are the best.

#7 chocolate for bj? thx

Am I the only chick who doesn't orgasm at the word "chocolate"? Even when I'm PMSing, I'd much prefer salt and vinegar chips. And white chocolate is just nasty.

I like chocolate sometimes, but I do prefer salt by far. I think I must have a deficiency, because I crave it terribly. Now I want salt & vinegar chips. :(

I want other things, just so you know. >:D

I miss seeing you around here, Cunt.

I've missed the people I know on here too, Kidd. But this site pisses me off and makes me want to drop bombs on very select parts of France, so I won't be around a lot. Everyone's free to message me though.

Oh, I understand. But fuck it, stick around, we love you.

Aww. Well I'll give people my MSN if they wanna chat, and I'll probably come on here at least sometimes.

haha for while I was looking for ya. :D. online ofcourse

chocolate forever bitchesssssss I prefer milk chocolate! and chocolate for bj? don't think so, JOsè! but trying new things cant hurt anybody! ;) YUMMY

Chocolate rocks! Ingrate.

from India... I'm culturally ignorant but isn't a piece of chocolate worth a few goats over there?

??? wow, moderated? guess you can't say chocolate. and goat in the same sentence. you can bash the U.S., joke about kids starving in Africa, but say anything about Indians ( dot, not feather) and your getting moderated

Did you say chocolate? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah, not much an FML, the recognition is the reward, and at least you got something

Are you that crazy chocolate loving fish from Spongebob? CHOCOLATE!!!!

Wow, that comment really got moderated? Somebody's bored.

what the? okay, why the f did my sb reference get modded? wow, someone enlighten me -.-

Probably because you said it wasn't an FML. Expect an email with the words "cancer of the anus" in it somewhere very soon from the staff. You'll see what I'm talking about. Although sometimes they do mod for no reason.

why the heck did this get moderated?? spongebob FTW!