By snakeboy - 24/08/2009 04:49 - Australia

Today, for the first time in about 3 years, I decided to clean my car. It was going really well until I looked down at what I was about to pick up. On the back seat floor lay a dead snake, which at one point, for god knows how long, was living in my car while I unknowningly drove it. FML
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You would think it would smell at some point. Or at least attract enough insects to annoy you. I don't know how some people manage to live in filth sometimes. I mean three YEARS?

oh ew thats awful


oh ew thats awful

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that is kinda of awful....but ok at the bright side, your car was so disgusting that not even a reptile could live there, and they pretty much live anywhere.

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I can picture cheetos being everywhere and old empty chip bags, and when he picked them up there was the snake!

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"Today, I was lucky enough to not get bitten by a snake. FML" I mean, sure it might be disgusting to find a snake in your car, especially a dead one, but you should be glad it didn't bite you. But for that your life is fucked?

this is FML and YDI for driving in a pig sty. if your car was in a storage unit, i'd say FML cuz the company didn't care for the units, but the car was in your care, you shoulda cleaned it more often.


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ewwww what kind of snake was it and how did it get in there in the first place....i mean did one of your friends try to pull a prank and put one in your car?

That is awful! I'm going to call PETA on you! ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Automabiles) Clean your car atleast once a month, I wash wax and detail mine every couple weeks, how are you supose to take a date in a filthy car with the stench of dead rotting snake. I'm saying YDI for obviously mistreating your car and FYCL ( F your car's life) for obvious reasons

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omfg I hate fml for this , this post is FAKE because dead snakes smell TERRIBle he would smell it

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ooo dead snake in car thanks for the idea my brother hates snakes i am sooo gonna scare him, where do i get dead snakes

You would think it would smell at some point. Or at least attract enough insects to annoy you. I don't know how some people manage to live in filth sometimes. I mean three YEARS?

Small snakes can dry up without smelling much. Also, what about 3 years? At least he cleaned it every few years. I NEVER cleaned my car, ever. Not everybody does.

Are you proud of being disgusting? Haha

YDI for driving a Toyota.

i agree. how in the hell do you not clean out your car for 3 years??? that's rediculous

#15 Maybe he doesn't need to clean it because he knows how to not make a mess in his car :/

Aw, nasty!

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The OP is Australian. This is typical Australian behavior.

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How is that typical Australian behaviour? I've lived in Australia my whole life and not once have I ever met someone who hasn't cleaned their car for 3 years, nor have I come across a dead snake in the backseat of a car you racist bitch.

I'm Australian and I clean my car once a week. Get your facts right before you open your racist, un-educated mouth.

oh god. be more aware of your surroundings for the love of god. what if you had a kid travelling with you?

Then the kid wouldve noticed...

Clearly, everybody would have died! Why is everyone freaking out about this? It's highly unlikely the snake was going to bite anyone even if it had been found alive, unless OP provoked it. But since no one even knew it was there, then who cares? "There was a small animal in my car but I never realized it was there until after it died. Omg! My life is fucked!" Really?

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Well look at the bright side.. it did'nt come out while you was driving, you found it dead. So i really don't see anything wrong with this...well just that part that your car is so dirty that you have animals living in there. Hehehe

Snakes don't normally live in cars, they have no prey to feed on in there. It obviously accidentally got in, and that's why it died. No prey = it starved to death. It's obviously not that snakes spontaneously evolved in his car because it was dirty, the FML here is that it took him so long to notice one had gotten into his car and was alive there at some point while he drove it around.

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EWWW!!well obviously its a YDI since it took you 3 years to clean your car!!maybe now you wont wait that long.

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Agreed. YDI for not cleaning your car more often. You should consider yourself lucky you didn't find more than a dead snake.

You're so disgusting...

who cares it's a dead snake. imagine how many spiders crawl in your mouth while you are sleeping

Apparently, thats not true. Search Lisa Holst on google ;)

@9 Spiders don't crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping. Think about it. Why would a spider crawl into something that is breathing? And, if one did get into your mouth, your instinct would be to spit it out.

Don't feel so bad - some animals when they are sick find a warm secure place to die. Cats are one example. Perhaps it was the same for this snake. It may well have eaten a rat poisoned with bait. If it had been there for more than a week or so you'd have been able to smell it.

i dont think so. i mean this dude hasnt washed his car in 3 years. maybe he's so used to living in shitty environments that he cant even realise something smells bad; cause it always does!

lol. Obviously you've never smelt a decomposing animal. And, HIGHLY unlikely that a snake would be living permenantly in someones car. No matter how much junk was in his car, there wouldnt have been enough mice or small mammals living in there to sustain a snake. No way known.

if there can be a snake in that car then i assume there can be rats and mice and god knows what else. or maybe it was living there for so long, it died from starvation. who knows.

Again, unlikely. If it was able to get in, it would have found a way out if it was hungry. They can be quite intelligent. I think its more likely it was a sick snake.

Dead snakes (without body wounds) don't smell so much. Trust me.

Mice killed with wafarim do not smell either, If the sake ate the mouse it would die too, and I agree if the snake got in it could have been a permanent home where it was getting fed by mice coming to scrounge from a filthy vehicle likely to have a lot if crumbs...