By Anonymous - 09/09/2009 04:23 - United States

Today, for the first time ever, while I was driving I ran over a squirrel. It was in front of three little girls at their lemonade stand. FML
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Yeah, I hate kids too

Coulda been worse. You could've run over a girl in front of three squirrels


but not an FML

Coulda been worse. You could've run over a girl in front of three squirrels

^ lol, true

haha 78 made my day

SECOND! haha please show me how much you don't care by replying to me and telling me you don't kkty xoxo

Yeah, I hate kids too

well the dead squirrel has gotta be 25 cents at least depending on how you ran it over.. you couldve gotten free lemonade!

im def gonna start paying ppl with roadkill... only problem being it wont fit in my wallet

i don't get it.... how does running over a squirrel involve kids at a lemonade stand?

The kids watched the person run over the poor squirrel. If they're young enough, that's pretty traumatizing.

Wow dude...get a clue

haha poor kids for watching. next time, be careful. FYL for making such a bad impression.

They'll get over it

how's this a fml, it's the squirrels fml

the squirrel deserved it (SDI) fir not being quick and vigilant like any other squirrel with half a brain.

bwahahhaha you people crack me up SQUIRREL MURDERS FTW

This made my day...nice :]

#11 is right it's the squirells haha :P

I really hate people who say that it's so terrible to run over a squirrel. Half the time, they turn around and run towards you. No way you deserved this.