By failed_catgirl - / Tuesday 19 October 2010 23:24 / Canada
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  klutzycleo  |  5

Whether OP's boyfriend was into that kinda thing or not, he was insensitive to laugh at OP, especially considering she was trying to impress him. It was a sweet gesture even if it's not what he particularly to his tastes. He's an immature moron

  DjeePee  |  24

Boaf, Klutzycleo, he isn't an immature moron for laughing at something funny, eventhough it wasn't meant to be funny. If my boyfriend would wear a thong to impress me, I think I would laugh, no, I'm sure I would. And than those cat ears, leash, collar and tail aren't included.

Doing things like this without knowing your partners fantasies is risky. You really can't blame him for laughing. I would die from laughter.

  DjeePee  |  24

I know people who walks the cat, although the cat doesn't walk often, it preffers to be carried. But yeah, with a leash around his neck.

Op, you have strange fetishes.

  XxxT3rr4xxX  |  24

it Prolly was suppose to be an anime cat girl a perfect example of that would be catgirl cuties its an anime and yes most guys do get hard from something like that because cat girl fetishes are not uncommon.

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