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Well , you are fucked fyl

That does come across as very suspicious, sorry op): at least your house isn't vandalized


Well , you are fucked fyl

If they can't prove any evidence you're ok!

His neighbors might hate and maybe vandalize his house , so don't just assume they'd be ok

If they do that then they will have to pay for it. Revenge isn't free!

Apparently you are fucked because no proof = guilty.

I'm sure some people will count the fact that OP was the only one unvandalized as proof.

Well, it's somewhat hard to blame the neighbours though. Logic suggests that OP was in on it even that he's not. But maybe he just haven't found the massive turd the vandals laid in his shed. Once that is found they'll believe OP

I'm sorry. Just explain to them that you would never do that.

#46 I would never make a pointlessly rhetorical comment.

You are innocent until proven guilty, they have no proof he did it.

Even though the neighbors can't prove it doesn't mean the OP isn't going to be hated by his neighbors. You're innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, but not so much with people. Hope it works out somehow, OP!

Let the Purge commence...

Guess OP has work to do tonight. Set your mailbox on fire or something that will cause post-fake-vandalism attention by the whole block. Get grandma out in the yard crying with firefighters. .. its the only way.

To funny #1 to funny.

Lol sure is.

That does come across as very suspicious, sorry op): at least your house isn't vandalized

I'd rather have my house vandalized than have the whole neighborhood hate me. One of her neighbors are bound to vandalize her house for thinking she vandalized theirs

How about you beat them to it and vandalize your house before they do. That'll show 'em!

Just explain that it would be stupid and obvious to vandalise every house except your own if you were the one who did it, and that its more likely that someone wants you blamed.

Tell them to prove it!

Write "IT WASN'T ME" in the same colour paint across your garage door. That will make them believe you for sure!

That's actually a good idea.

#27 No, it's not.

#27 You're kidding right?

You make me scared for our new generation.

like that would work

Well that is pretty suspicious.....

no, it's genius. from the vandals

Only an idiot would vandalize everyone else but leave their house fine. OP should probably explain that to the neighbors, that could possibly help.

You're assuming that the neighbors think that the OP isn't an idiot. Which isn't really a good assumption.

I know right.

should have trashed your own place then i guess... no, but they are going to hate you now

The perfect crime.

Well that really sucks... FYL

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