By NotTheSoulMate - 26/09/2013 06:54 - United States

Today, even though I don't necessarily believe in soul mates, I found out my wife does. She met hers a few weeks ago. FML
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You deserved better than her, just do your best to move on.

Aw man, I'm sorry... But hey, there's someone better for you out there alright? Everything happens for a reason after all~ c:


You deserved better than her, just do your best to move on.

I agree, the sooner, the better. I'm so sorry OP!! Also if you ever wanted to do something but she wouldn't let you, nows the time!

Wait a minute why did you get married in the first place if you didn't believe in soul mates? But it still sucks what happened I know there are way better people out there for you!

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You can still love someone and get married without believing in 'soul mates'. I love my boyfriend very much and hope to one day marry him but I don't necessarily believe we were made JUST for each other.

Okay, I'm going to jump in and say that there's a possibility (slim) that his wife hasn't had a sexual relationship with this soul mate of hers. Like I said, it's a slim one but still. I feel sorry for OP but if his wife has genuinely just met a guy who makes her happier than she currently is then I sort of in a weird way feel sorry for her too. Not so much because she has to go through the pain of divorce because it'll probably be worse for OP but because she probably didn't mean to hurt him or find someone she loved more.... Still this is highly unlikely and as someone said below; this is definitely a cause for a split if she has opened her legs.

29 isn't that the whole point of soul mate?

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No, 41. "Soul mate" is someone you believe you were made for, your paths predetermined. Falling in love is just that, love. They never believed they were made for each other specifically, but did fall in love and want to get married.

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My boufriend doesnt necessarily believe in soul mates. He doesn't believe him and I were made for each other. He does believe that you make make your soulmates. Which is basically love.

Aw man, I'm sorry... But hey, there's someone better for you out there alright? Everything happens for a reason after all~ c:

Doesn't mean that that reason isn't bullshit, or that the reason is meaningful or helpful or symbolic or anything pertinent. Shit happens. So, OP, sorry and all about what happened. Hopefully you'll find someone better. Maybe not.

Well aren't you just a helpful ray of sunshine #9? I hope you don't help out on suicide hotlines, everyone would kill themselves after about 5 minutes of talking to you.

Everything happens for a reason, after all.

Wait, Pleonasm?! What happened to the moustache-on-a-stick picture?

I change from time to time. Keep you guys on your toes.

Could be cliche, what I am about to say, but it is time to move on, unless your wife realizes her mistake and you are willing to forgive her (and that scenario is a big IF, highly unlikely). Wish you all the best, OP.

And I'm guessing that she didnt just meet you within the past few weeks. That sucks, but at least you found out about it, right?

Yeah, it's great that he found out that his marriage is crumbling, just wonderful.

Ouch. Sorry dude.

It doesn't mean she's gonna leave you overnight, but if I were you I would mentally prepare in case it happens, and still be friends with her because otherwise it's not only the loss of your wife, but also of a person that knows and understands you better than anyone else. I'm still sorry for you OP, and hang in there!

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Um trying to be friends after she leaves him for another man is a terrible idea. Just asking for more pain and heartbreak!!

I LOVE your profile picture #9 :)

Oh shit, I didn't read properly so I thought OP meant that his wife's soulmate is a woman, and that she just came out of the closet :/ So if they were happily married it shouldn't mean they are haring each other right away.. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Even if OPs wife was coming out that still doesn't make it okay to keep in touch and remain friends. Poor OP would have to deal with constant heartbreak

Chandler?? Does ToMAtoes really have a house of cheese???

No lie, this very episode was on last night.

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I believe soul mate

i hate when miss words in their comments.

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The commenter is from Korea. Ease up. Perhaps English is a second language.

Asians don't have prepositions in their vocabulary. Hint: the left out preposition "in." Don't be a dick 12.

Sometimes things happen that we yet don't understand. That never means your life has ended here. People change all 7 years and you will never step in the same river twice.

3 weeks isn't much time for knowing someones your soulmate, heck any relationship is great the first 3 months. She'll be looking back soon realizing she made a big mistake. Sorry OP

But he, shouldn't take her back! She didn't appreciate him enough.