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Today, during swimming in PE, I kept noticing a stinging feeling on my scrotum. Every time I jumped into the water I would feel a sharp stab. After the full hour of hell, I went to the bathroom and looked in my new trunks. The designer had left their sewing needle in the crotch netting. FML
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camer0n15 8

Sue them

It took you an entire hour to check out why your balls were getting stabbed? Sorry, but if I ever feel like I'm getting a scrotum piercing, I'm going to immediately find out why. I'm not sure who is more stupid - you or the person who left the needle there.


camer0n15 8

Sue them

And you waited for an hour till you checked?...Mother of God [email protected]

At least you weren't playing poker. Okay, horrible joke. Not even remotely funny... /:

Well at least the needle could have been... Well, no, it couldn't have been much worse. FYL

As soon as i felt and kind of pain near my junk i would be inspecting it straight away

Any* fucking iPhone

Don't you mean SEW them! Im going to hell...

40- I'll meet you there!

There's no need to sue them; OP clearly has balls of steel. He doesn't care about money now because he could be a legitimate super hero. They'll call him.. Needleballs Man!

He will be famous, and all pincushions will be designed to resemble his magnificent scrotum!

while that is true, sometimes you have teachers that will not accept any reason for leaving class (shoulda taken care of that before you came to class). And btw it wouldn't have been the designer that left the needle it would have been the person sewing it at the manufactures..just saying...

You could say sew them

132- Too late. Already posted. Don't try again. Please.

i agree...ouch

elite_stoner 0

135-- douche

great profile pic 76

76 great pic :) sorry if this posts twice my ipods ben messing up

They should pay for that u could have been hurt

Sue them.

No don't sue them, sew them. : P But wtf ... Custom made swim trunks? You must be rich. =_=;

Where did the OP say custom #16? Am I missing it or something?

Michael_92 20

Designer...Custom...umm yea get it now?

MizzErikaHart 8

Designer and custom don't mean the same thing...I don't think

Michael_92 20

Haha point is you should know....I could personally use them both all day long. Depends how you word it. In my opinon

It says "the designer" though, not "designer"

BlueHue 0

Yeah #86 has a good point... The person who made it left the needle in it. I read it first as designer swimwear, though :P

Well, since it was made by hand (with an actual needle and not a sowing machine) I'd say it could be custom. Or just pretty damn expensive.

Maybe someone's grandma made them and left a pin in. My grandma did that in an occasional Halloween costume - tho usually on the hem line, not the crotch

MerrikBarbarian 9

Uhh, you use sewing pins to hold material together while you sew with machine. I think op was referring to those not the sewing needle.

not all sewing is done by a machine.. and machines do break including the needles, actually if it were to break off from a machine it would be easier to miss the needle being in the clothes...should be reported to the manufacturer

Michael_92 20

There should be a way to remove stupid comments you make.

Ouch that's careless on their part. Fyl OP!

Ouch, that really sucks

Chlorine attacking scrotum disease?

Was this a custom made swimsuit?

And that's where my head went also lol well he does have a pool for p.e. rich kids :(

9: My community middle school had a swimming pool in it. We had swimming in P.E. And I am most definitely not rich. I never had designer trunks though.

tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10 how boring that would be

Haha our primary school didn't have a pool so we would walk to another schools pool for our lessons :P

My school has every freaking thing you can think of for every grade and probably one third of the kids aren't rich like me so maybe not but I doubt he got them and Walmart though

Shoot my school didn't even have swimming lessons... Come to think of it I know a lot of people I used to go to school with that drowned...

I would've checked when it first started to hurt..

OP has got some major testicles for being able to withstand that for an hour in a pool. But sadly one of OP's testicles may have fallen out as a result.

It took you an entire hour to check out why your balls were getting stabbed? Sorry, but if I ever feel like I'm getting a scrotum piercing, I'm going to immediately find out why. I'm not sure who is more stupid - you or the person who left the needle there.

if your scrotum was being stabbed, there'd be bleeding, wouldn't someone (or you) notice??

Well 44, that's when you question the gender of the swimmer, and questions are best left unasked

pretty sure only male's have scrotum's.

God I hate it when people put apostrophes where you don't need them *ahem* @55 *ahem*

@44 beading from the crotch area is... unusual for a male

44: Maybe he killed someone in his pants and they're too afraid to ask out of fear for their own lives?

61 - i was debating whether it needed to be there and my laziness took over so i left it

The_creator_fml 2

Sew them.

You should have excused yourself to the bathroom so you could investigate the problem. Poor thing.

Excused yourself as soon as you felt pain*

Glitter cookies?!?!? Yummmm