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  nathan5  |  0

Well 17 if your'e going to comment on someones photo I should like to point out that you're a slightly overweight lemur! (I think that's a lemur) lol

  ramirezlmt  |  0

well 24 before you comment on someone's picture, that commented on someone's picture, that commented on someone's grammer, that simply didn't care enough to proof read. You should know no one believes that's your car. Plus your profile makes you sound like a skinny runt that would cry about people not caring that you got hit in P.E.

  zivlaks  |  0

because guys have unbreakable bones made out of totally different structure and. ..oh wait.. that's just me. and wolverine
p.s. she's a sexist bitch

  Gomez_Vidal  |  0

13.. words are meant to give a message, as long as you understood the message what does it matter how it's spelt? Anything past that is your own perspective of things. This is a website for entertainment ... not an interview.


Yes, I am ok and, yes, I do feel better. I thought I was going to have to lay on the floor long enough for people to walk over me. Thank you for caring, unlike OTHER people. *stares at everyone with that, "I am talking about you" look*