By vomitgirl - Australia - Brisbane
Today, during my shift at work, I started to feel really sick and started throwing up. While I had my head in a bag, I had several customers ask me for directions and another customer abuse me for my lack of service. FML
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  Cads1  |  24

Did you look all of those words up in the dictionary before posting? Just a random remark designed to provoke a specific reaction and I got it. Helps me out with my studies.

  theTravinator  |  21

It's pretty much any retail job there's people that think they're the damn Christ. Especially at big chains like Target (where I used to work) old women tried to get in my pants and old men wanted to kick my ass for literally no reason.

People are sometimes just immensely stupid, but you should look up the psychology term "deindividuation", it sorta applies to these kinds of situations.

By  Thinkitthrough  |  23

Just abuse that customer with vomit. It is guaranteed to stop the argument... or get you fired. If you are that sick try to tell your boss and either go home or use the restroom.

  interesting33  |  36

Maybe they didn't have time to go to the restroom and once they started throwing up they couldn't stop? Or maybe they felt sick but thought they wouldn't throw up. But a restroom would have been preferable. Regardless, the customers have been very insensitive and just a bit silly thinking someone could help them when they are being sick. it makes me wonder if the customers did not realise OP was vomiting - though I am unsure of how they could miss it.


Yeah it'd be preferable but not always possible. One time my boss wouldn't let me leave work when I had a case of food poisoning so I threw up in a trash can for several hours until a regular customer of mine put in a complaint to help me out. Running to the bathroom all the way in the back of the store every few minutes just wasn't feasible. It was humiliating.