By bibou2324
Today, during my first day as a doctor’s intern, I attended a consultation. The embarrassed patient asked me to leave. Not really knowing my way around, I went through the first door I could find. By the time I realized it was a closet, I didn’t dare come back out. Twenty minutes is a long time to wait. FML
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By  katcot99  |  11

Omg I'm so sorry!!

  katcot99  |  11

Guys, I'm not talking about that. It sucks that he got kicked out of the room. I know how that feels. It's not that 29 minutes is all that bad. I was talking about the fact that it happened.

  cooIbeans  |  0

31: erm, don't think OP thought it was offensive that they got kicked out of a room. if the patient didn't feel comfortable with OP in there, they had a right to speak up for themselves.

  snapeaholic  |  5

Hey 63, stop being an idiot and pull your head out of your ass, she was being sympathetic, it's the right thing to do! Like the right thing to do to you is sacrifice you in a volcano.

  CRC_101  |  31

1 - Nice sentiment there, but let's think logically for a moment. If you feel sorry for this person, you'll feel sorry for just about every FMLer. The threat that you think "Omg I'm so sorry!!" is a worthwhile comment for everyone to read *and* you're apparently a quick typer is far too great to let slide.

  Michael_92  |  20

You all really need to chill the hell out. It's FML, supposed to be a place to have fun and share. If you don't like a persons comment thumb them down and move on. Quit trying to pick them out and make them even not even want to come back. Gosh.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

135- Just because bad things occasionally happen doesn't mean life isn't good. I attempt to submit FMLs because:
1) The bad things in life can be amusing, after the fact and especially to other people.
2) I'd like to have one posted to see what kind of feedback I get.

  katcot99  |  11

Who said he got out of the closet?

By  The_DoritoNinja  |  4

Times like that you have to take your time and question what is going to happen. Like when chickens can finally cross the road without us questioning their motives...oh boy...may the lord help us all when that happens.