By FUCK THE PIGS - 26/01/2013 20:44 - United States - Oakland

Today, during lunch, my coworker offered me her food, claiming she was full. I was still quite hungry, so I accepted it. Halfway through eating the sandwiches, my boss walked in and started interrogating people over who took his lunch. I quickly realized I was the one eating it. FML
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What did you do to piss her off, anyway? You totally got framed.

I must say, I love your username.


I must say, I love your username.

I must disagree. I personally cannot condone intercorse with swine. Its dratfully disturbing and vile.

I hope he's not a farmer.

Old MacDonald had a farm...

What did you do to piss her off, anyway? You totally got framed.


So there has to be a reason for a woman to do something against a man rather than the woman just being a bitch?

Did you interrogate your coworker?

I know right?! I would have been like, "What the hell did you give me his food for?! Setting me up!?!" And had a throw-down right there in what is probably one of those ridiculously tiny break rooms, and then before you know it the place would turn into a mosh pit of employees taking sides and body slamming each other. Probably.

Blame the new guy.

What if OP is the new guy themselves?

Then that explains why he got framed. Poor guy

^who are you correcting?

I love fresh meat.

What a bitch move

Now is the time to throw it in the trash can and deny everything. Avoid the deer in headlights look at all costs.

That's a shit sandwich alright, I hope you manage to get her back somehow...

Get her back with a shit sandwich!

crap on her shit sandwich!

Now it's time for revenge.

Cut your hair, and blame it on that Dave guy. What an asshole.

Dave's not here mannnn.

If I were you, I would explain the situation and offer to buy lunch for the boss the next day. But thinking that someone would actually interrogate people over lunch. Then I hope everything works out.

Yeah, honesty is the best policy; and in this circumstance, it's probably the only way to avoid getting fired.