By FUCK THE PIGS - United States - Oakland
Today, during lunch, my coworker offered me her food, claiming she was full. I was still quite hungry, so I accepted it. Halfway through eating the sandwiches, my boss walked in and started interrogating people over who took his lunch. I quickly realized I was the one eating it. FML
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  Orchard  |  33

I know right?! I would have been like, "What the hell did you give me his food for?! Setting me up!?!" And had a throw-down right there in what is probably one of those ridiculously tiny break rooms, and then before you know it the place would turn into a mosh pit of employees taking sides and body slamming each other. Probably.

By  whostolemylama  |  12

If I were you, I would explain the situation and offer to buy lunch for the boss the next day.

But thinking that someone would actually interrogate people over lunch. Then I hope everything works out.