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Today, during family therapy the therapist asked if I believe I'm a good parent/husband. When I said yes my two sons, my daughter and even my wife very passionately disagreed. FML
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Hey, that's why you're there. Just remember that.

I guess now you know you have some things to work on... that's not a bad thing. It's all about communication at this point. I wish you the best though OP.


Maybe u should try harder to bond and connect with them

Yeah man as long as your doing your best and keep at it you'll figure it out eventually even if you are not parenting very well now. You'll get there bro.

#1, yea, I was gonna say... your here for a reason buddy..

#81 obviously your reason for being here isn't to show off your spelling skills.

Hey, that's why you're there. Just remember that.

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OP is kind of foolish and arrogant to go into therapy thinking everyone else was the issue and he was perfect.

Well, no. Sometimes it's a little shocking to hear the truth, maybe he was just too focused on a different issue to see the role that he played. I don't think it's at all arrogant, but instead natural. That's why the family hired a mediator, they obviously don't agree on or can't resolve their issues alone.

You can think that you are a good parent/spouse and still acknowledge that you aren't perfect and have issues. I think I'm a good mom and wife but I know that I am far from perfect.

OP never said he was perfect, he said he was good.

We all know that the truth is that the rest of the family conspired to make him take the fall guy so that they don't look bad in front of a third party. It's so obvious (: don't worry op after the truth is revealed you can adress their problems :P Ps : kudos for actually attempting talking your problems out

I guess now you know you have some things to work on... that's not a bad thing. It's all about communication at this point. I wish you the best though OP.

Apparently he has things to work on that is family never told him about.

They might very well have told him about it, only for him to dismiss it. He's probably only realizing now because 4 people listing all their problems with you are harder to ignore than them separately bringing something up here and there.

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Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like that's your fault. Something to work on.

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There's no person at fault here, there are two sides to every story. That's why OP is in family therapy, to work on that.

My ex's ******** father used to beat the crap out of her and her siblings when they were little. All three grew up blaming themselves and thinking this fucktard is a great dad. People tend to blame themselves vs others and vice versa incorrectly.

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I never said he had no blame I said he shouldn't take ALL the blame.

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You said nobody is to blame. If you had meant that everyone is to blame you should have said that everyone is at fault.

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72- I meant that no one is alone to blame and that not one person caused it. Don't be a prick just move on jeeze.

Good point. "Tend to blame" wasn't the correct phrasing, I should've said "can blame".

Try and be part of the family more..i know my dad is a work-a-Holic and it can affect things, like he doesn't participate in family activities. Good luck OP!

Wow great idea, maybe they should go to family therapy to work things out.

I guess you wouldn't be at therapy if you all agreed

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Did you really think that was necessary?

For some reason this reminds me of Michael's therapist in GTA V

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This reminds me of The Office... Oy

#14 - As you'd expect, I'm gonna have to charge more for a session by FML app.

Someone should take the blame in the family

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Are you saying that the entire family should be able to place all the blame on one person?

That's obviously not what they mean. They mean a dysfunctional family isn't dysfunctional just because it is, there has to be a reason