By Flyboy - / Sunday 18 July 2010 05:02 / United States
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  schnitzel5  |  0

I'm glad u checked, my dads a pilot and he was telling me about how these pilots that worked for the same company were too lazy to check out an engine problem and ended up drilling a 40 million dollar jet into a neighborhood.

  perdix  |  29

nocanhaz, I copied this picture into TinEye.com and came up with 11 matches. That's how you figure out where photos really came from.

Those are clearly Hello Kitty earmuffs . . . and great tits!

  perdix  |  29

Thanks, Trupe, but I don't need any persuasion or urging to love big titties! I'm there ;)

You're preaching to the choir! That is a nice pic, huh?

  nbjohnson  |  0

yea he's just lazy. sounds like a bomber pilot, fighters dint have "co-pilots" per say and heavies have bathrooms, or cans they call bathrooms anyways...