By Flyboy - United States
Today, during an early morning preflight check, I spotted liquid pooling under the aircraft. I rubbed my fingers in it and sniffed. Good news? No dangerous fuel or hydraulic fluid leak. Bad news? My copilot was too lazy to walk back to the hangar to take a leak. FML
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  schnitzel5  |  0

I'm glad u checked, my dads a pilot and he was telling me about how these pilots that worked for the same company were too lazy to check out an engine problem and ended up drilling a 40 million dollar jet into a neighborhood.

  perdix  |  29

nocanhaz, I copied this picture into and came up with 11 matches. That's how you figure out where photos really came from.

Those are clearly Hello Kitty earmuffs . . . and great tits!

  perdix  |  29

Thanks, Trupe, but I don't need any persuasion or urging to love big titties! I'm there ;)

You're preaching to the choir! That is a nice pic, huh?

  nbjohnson  |  0

yea he's just lazy. sounds like a bomber pilot, fighters dint have "co-pilots" per say and heavies have bathrooms, or cans they call bathrooms anyways...