By Soph - United Kingdom - Birmingham
Today, during a sex ed lesson, we were given a lecture on pregnancy and abortion from the school nurse. Throughout the session she kept repeating, "Of course, Sophie knows ALL about this." The nurse happens to know that my dad's a gynaecologist. That's not what everyone else in the year thinks. FML
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  Lacist  |  19

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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

1, if only the nurse had mentioned what OP's dad's profession was, then it wouldn't be so awkward for her. I'm hoping the nurse was older because she (most likely, not all) would piece together that if she called out a student in the class, she would need to explain why the student knows so much. Good luck, Soph!

  MuseFan1991  |  14

the nurse could have made this so much less awkward. a simple 'sophie would know all about this, what with her dad being a gynaecologist'. anything to make it clear she hadn't actually gotten pregnant

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Still, it's pretty inappropriate that the teacher would single a student out in class like that. Especially with a topic like sex-ed, where some students might be embarrassed to speak up.

By  kait11  |  16

If if bothers you talk to the teacher about it, she should understand. Or if you don't want to talk to her, you can raise your hand and comment on something, and slide what your dad does for a living in it somehow so everyone knows.

By  eksyneet  |  23

you should've said out loud that that's because your dad is a gynaecologist. if you don't give people the information, you shouldn't expect them to automatically assume the right thing.

By  OlgaCornmuffin  |  7

That's when I'd bust out, telling everyone about my dad's profession & then look at the nurse & say, "by the way, dad wants to know how that ointment is working for you for your "not so fresh feeling."" Lol. (p.s. That's a Family Guy reference. I find I'm being to clarify my references to avoid looking like a sick f***) lol

  Lacist  |  19

The nurse didn't mean to offend her by the looks of it. She clearly meant that the student probably knows all about without stating the fact that her dad was a gynaecologist. Saying that is just plain rude and would probably get you in trouble.


Lol. I would never do that & everything I post here, I would never do. I'm not braindead & I do have scruples. I'm well aware of that. to me, this is a forum in which to give advice to make people laugh. done & done. No comment by me on this site should ever be taken seriously unless I preface it with...."in all seriousness..."