By Silverfeathery - 02/12/2014 02:06

Today, during a moment of silence in front of the entire high school during my band concert, I managed to hit the stand with my flute, and loudly scrambled to catch it before it fell over. I've never had so many people look at me. FML
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Don't worry. Flutes tend to go flying every once in a while! Just laugh it off.

I did this way too often during high school


Don't worry. Flutes tend to go flying every once in a while! Just laugh it off.

Exactly, the key is to play it cool OP.

I did this way too often during high school

You aren't able to handle the long rod?

She wasn't ready!!

At least now, people know you, and who knows maybe someone might meet you and be like "I wanna go out with you."

"Damn, she really knows how to handle a wood.....wind."

The flute is the one of the only woodwinds that doesn't suck wood ;)

Yeah. U blow it

shit happens OP

This is definitely something you'll laugh about when you're older. I know it's probably the most embarrassing thing in the world now, but later it will be amusing and a cute story to share :)

That sounds really embarrassing but I'm sure people have forgotten about it by now so no worries :

Bad luck sometimes happens like this. It's best to just blow yourself off and keep going.

Blow yourself off? Let's play a game called: Why On Earth Did They Write That? My guess is that was a bad pun or English isn't your first language. Anyone wanna place any bets?

A bad pun is still a pun in my book. Plus it's 1 am. Discretion is advised.

Don't let a silly thing that you did in high school embarrass you, you'll look back on it and laugh. Just keep going and if people make fun of you for it they can go suck a fuck.

A penis? A bullet? A printer? A book? A vacuum?

The word fuck is beautiful. You can just put that thing anywhere.

Oooooooooooohhh! I see what you did there, 18! *snap snap*

its okay, you're a flute, no one ever hears you, so its a good thing I guess. -trumpet player.

krystenk93 23

I played flute in high school, I can sadly second this...

id almost third that but for the first time in 5 years the trumpets and the flutes are the same amount of dynamic. It took us to out number those trumpets but its a first! - flute player