Today, during a lunch I said "It must be awful to realize that you've been cheated on!". One of the men present had just found out that he had been. I then try to correct my tactlessness by saying "The worst must be when your wife leaves you for another woman". Which was also the case. FML

By lovely-sweet / Thursday 27 November 2008 12:34 / France
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By  xocassylovesyou  |  0

Sucks for that little wimp of a man. He deserves it for not having any backbone, and being so pathetic his woman leaves him got another woman. Also, being tacful isn't always the best answer. Be blunt. At least then you are actually being honest. Tactfulness is for pussies. ---Cassy

  Googolman  |  28

Where on the FML did it say that the man was acting like a wimp? Also, where does it say it was the man's fault the woman left him? You don't know all the details, so quit being such an ignorant child.

By  Moggetlova  |  0

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By  Jari  |  0

Ouch. That sucks. But seriously, learn the meaning of "quit while you're ahead". Also, how the hell does saying that help the situation? Voting both FYL and YDI here.

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